How do I get a copy of my enlistment contract from the US Army?

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I've been out for about 5 years now and decided to go back to school. However, to use the ACF, I have to supply a copy of DD Form 3286-66, which isn't in my stack. I was more
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I would go back to your recruiting office and see if they know what to do. Or call your state veteran's affairs office.
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  • $ answered 5 years ago
    Try the veterans website. If you call the VA they can for sure point you in the right direction in just a few moments.
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  • Wayne C answered 5 years ago
    There is a note on The National Archives site saying that they have been keeping records electronically at all but one branch since 1995. I think they are sending it in electronic form once you get discharged. All that said if you are still IRR try the Army. If not just go to the Archives and give that a shot.

    I was going thru old docs recently and found mine, so I know they gave me one. I did loose my promotion orders to E6 and tried to retrieve a copy. Only got one of the ledger like forms with the date of rank on it. I mention this as there was a note stating they do not keep all orders etc etc to reduce storage space.

    I looked up the form. Perhaps the VA might have it as well. Another note. when i sent for my orders I also gave a shot at my Dad's commendation for the CIB. In WWII it required a commendation. Any how, they sent me the 2nd page of his DD214 (equivalent) from the VA. They charged me $15.00 for the doc from the VA too. Just so ya know.

    Good Luck


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