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what is the name of pakistan border defense force?

As Bangladesh Rifles,Indian BSF,then wahats the name of Pakistans?

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    The name of Pakistan Border Defense Force is Pakistan Rangers (PR). The Pakistan Rangers are a paramilitary force under the control of the Ministry of Interior government of Pakistan. There are two parts of Pakistan rangers. In 1995 Pakistan Rangers divided into two parts, one is called Pakistan Rangers Punjab with its headquarter in Lahore and other is Pakistan Rangers Sind, headquarter in Karachi. Both the Rangers have their different uniform and command. History: After the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, the protection of its eastern boundaries was allotted to particular regions, such as the Punjab Border Police Force, Bahawalpur State Police, Khairpur State Police and Sindh Rifles. Because the Rangers were neither correctly structured nor outfitted for a specific duty, in 1958 they were restructured and renamed as the West Pakistan Rangers. After the 1971 war, this force was federalised underneath the Ministry of Defence as the Pakistan Rangers and shortly in 1974, it was made a component of the Civil Armed Forces (CAF) under the Ministry of Interior. Pakistan Rangers are fulltime defenders of Pakistan because they guard the borders during peace and war. Headquartered in Lahore, the Rangers are also very active in securing important monuments and guarding national assets in that city. The Rangers have notably contributed towards maintaining law and order in Karachi in crisis situations, and were also employed extensively for the Lal Masjid Operation. The rangers also have an elite unit of ranger commandos known as "red commandos".

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    it may be Peshmerga

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