Welding School? Whats it like? Is this a good career?

Just out of the military and I am trying to decide on a few different options. Thinking of the welding trade. I have not done much welding just enough to really get by on. I am considering attending a local trade school that offers training in 6 different types of welding. Just wondering what welding schools are typically like.Will it be extra hard for me because I am a novice. Also is this a good trade to get into. Any help is appreciated.Thanks guys

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    I'm just getting done my welding diploma now and i started with no knowledge of the trade and now I hold 8 tickets in it and am top 5 in the class. Welding is alot of fun, everyday is something new and you can take pride in your work, however it is very skill based and you need to get the arc time in to develop those skills and maintain them. When your looking into a welding college make sure they teach SMAW(stick), GMAW(mig), FCAW(fluxcore), GTAW(Tig) and pulse mig and tig, because those are becoming more wide spread in the field and it will help to have experience in the new technology. An average day at my college is about 4 hours of shop time welding and then 2-4 hours of theory, the book work is easy as long as you pay attention. If you want to be an extremely good welder you should be very dexterous because you need to have complete control over yourself while you weld(I'm talking overhead mainly and pipe welding). Over all i think welding is a great career, salaries range from $10-$150 per hour depending on how good you are and what connections you have and theres lots of room to expand like weld inspection.

    Source(s): 2 years at college for Welding diploma, CWB certified 4-position SMAW and FCAW, work in a welding shop
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    Good Welding Schools

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    To weld means to join/fuse 2 pieces of metal-by hammering or pressing or fusing.Welding schools teach and train the apprentice to do welding by all the 3 methods.Remember it is asier said than done.It's a tough joblAnd unfortunately ,inspite of the hazards,the wages are miserably low which is a typical Indian tradition.

    Source(s): The welder without whose help I could not drive my old fiat.
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    i dont know much about welding but if you want you could send in a cv to a local weder and ask for work experience for a week and see if you like it. also ask a person or friend who has done welding before if they would reccomend it. remember ask them lots of questions

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    yea it is a pretty cool job my dad is one and he is happy with his job

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