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When and why did the North Stars leave the Twin Cities...?

Didn't Minnesota have a good hockey market? Why did the North Star leave the area, and when did they do so.

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    It was arena accessibility. The Minnesota North Stars played at the Met Centre in Bloomington. In 1967, it was fairly easy to get to from the airport and from downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul. Over the course of the next 20 years, that all changed and the then owners of the team (the Gund Brothers) started negotiating with the city to move into the newly built Target Centre. They used the leverage of moving the team to San Francisco. In an effort to keep the team in Minnesota, John Ziegler agreed to ratify a sale of the team to a group led by Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin, and his partner Morris Belzer (who wanted a bay area team too) and give the Gunds first crack at a Bay Area team (now known as the San Jose Sharks).

    Howard Baldwin and Morris Belzer wanted no part of Minneapolis-St. Paul and sold the team to minority Calgary Flames owner Norm Green. (Baldwin and Belzer went on to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins and drive them into bankruptcy).

    Norm Green picked up the fight to move to the Target Centre. After continually being rebuffed (and the owners of the Met Centre selling the building and the land to a developer to build the mall of America), Green reached a deal with the City of Dallas to move the team there. The only other options at that time were to pay the lease on the Target Centre (Which would have been the highest at the time in the NHL) or fold the team due to poor attendance.

    Of Note: Broadcaster Al Shaver refused to refer to the team as the Minnesota Stars after the official name change in 1991

    Mark E................During the class action suit brouaght against Norm Green, Howard Baldwin, and the Gund family, all parties (including the developer) denied that Green had asked to have the Met Centre connected to the Mall of America. The developers had informed the Gund family many years prior that they would need to move the team.

    Source(s): Lou Nanne, Bobby Clarke, and Bob Gainey (all with Minnesota during this ordeal)
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    Another reason is poor marketing. The North Stars tried to compete with high school and college hockey. The Wild have embraced Minnesota's great hockey heritage and made it all part of a statewide family. "State of Hockey" was brilliant from a marketing standpoint, and even though that is a slogan, I would say it is a true statement to call Minnesota the State of Hockey. No other state can say the sell out every NHL game, sell out an NHL arena for their high school state tournament, and win college national championships with players ONLY from their state. So don't for a minute think the North Stars left because of a lack of passion for the game by the fans.

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    they left in the early 90's because Norm Green, who owned the team at the time, wanted to get money from the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commision to remodel the Met sport center, and connect it to the Mall of America. After repeated tries, and being shot down each time, he finally moved the team to Dallas. I went to about 25 games that season, knowing that they would be leaving town. Minnesota is a graet hockey state, and I think that, even though I loved the North Stars, that we would never have gotten a new arena. The Excel energy center has to be one of the best hockey facilities in the world! There truly is not a bad seat in the house! Now, if the Wild could figure out how to score goals......

    Source(s): Minnesota hockey fan.
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