Can I use A&D cream [not ointment] on a new tattoo?

I'm possibly getting another one today. For my other ones, they gave me a small packet of A&D ointment [the clear kind] to use on it. But last time, I needed some at work and so I bought some A&D cream [it's white], because we were out of ointment. Is the cream alright to use on a new tattoo, or does it have to be ointment? I used it on my other one, but it wasn't brand new and I don't even think it was necessary that I used anything on it anymore, lol.

I was thinking about bringing it with to show them when I get it done, to ask if it's alright. But if it's not I don't want them to try and sell me a bunch of stuff, because it's always way more expensive there... Thanks!

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    With both of my tattoos, the artist recommended A & D ointment. I bought the greasier kind, but it worked just fine. My tattoos didn't fade or anything stupid like that, either.

    Also, all of my friends who have tattoos used A & D ointment as well and it worked just fine for them.

    Just giving you more of an example since skin types are different. But what's nice is that this stuff is ultra sensitive, which is why tattoo artists sometimes suggest it.

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    I always give my clients a can of Tattoo Goo when I am finished, and tell them to use it for the first four days. After that, I recommend Aveeno Baby lotion to keep it moist while it heals. It's very mild. Ointment, not Vaseline or Neosporin, is best for a new tattoo.

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    I would ask them.

    but then again every artist has different opinions.

    I recommend ointment as it is better before bathing because it helps a bit to keep water out as cream would not help at all... i think cream is best for after the 6 weeks..

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    ointments are always better for new tattoos,they provide more protection as they are usually of an oily base, you can buy it where you like,not necessarily from the studio.don't be tight on something like this,after care is very important

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    5 years ago

    i used AD for a few of mine, then started using Bacitracin. you can find it in the same isle as neosporin, but i was always told by my artists not to use neosporin as it can sometimes fade the ink.. i dont know if thats always true or not but i dont want to risk it. make sure you wash it with soap and water really well with a clean, bare hand not a wash rag, and the aveeno lotion should be ok on it for tonight until you can get to a store to buy a cream for it. is it vaseline lotion or just regular vaseline? because the vaseline intensive care lotion i have used on mine the first night as well and mine still healed beautifully =)

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    4 years ago

    A And D Cream

  • 1 decade ago

    ontiment is best but thats fine too, though after about 3 days you should switch over to Lubriderm non scented lotion.

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    1 decade ago

    I used Luberderm lotion (unscented). My tattooist said why use A & D? It is not infected so don't treat it for an infection.

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