Salmonella outbreak in peanuts?

Due to the recent outbreak of salmonella in peanuts, I was wondering what exactly could have been the cause?

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    Well, it was one company: the Peanut Corporation of America. Their plants were filthy and evidently the FDA doesn't have a budget big enough to hire as many inspectors as are actually needed. The exact cause hasn't yet been determined, but the two plants involved were hotbeds of bacteria, unsafe food practices, rats and rat feces, cockroaches, etc.

    The peanut butter on your store shelves is safe. PCA sold their products to commerical kitchens like those in hospitals and to companies that make products with peanut butter in them, like peanut butter crackers.

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    whats up i'd desire to entice close too. I stay in Buffalo, ny area. I have eaten peanutt butter and jelly sandwiches some situations very last week. i'm no longer gonna eat peanut butter until eventually i comprehend that's extra healthy for human intake it.

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    You got me. Up until you posted this question, I thought you could only get it from chicken eggs or raw/undercooked chicken. The link below has about the best explanation I could find:

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    Unclean work areas, rat and mice infestation (meaning lots of droppings around), etc.

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    Dirty working conditions for employees. Leaking water. Unsanitary.

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    Maybe squirrels are behind it.The Great Squirrel Conspiracy Theory.

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    it's not peanuts, it's peanut butter, and the factories where peanut butter is produced were dirty (ie: rat feces, etc.)

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