help for working in lanzarote in the summer ?

My friend and I want to go to lanzarote ( Puerto del carmen ). Wee were wondering whats the best way to get a job and find an apartment ! were planning on going for 2 month ! if anyone has done this before whats the best way to go about it and is it easy to find a job ! wee want to go from june to the end of august.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lanzarote is a small Island. The local Spaniards are out of work there just like everywhere right now. I doubt you'll find any work, but any you do find won't pay you enough to live on.

    I'm a Spanish resident. Come on holiday to Spain and enjoy it, rather than slave away in a poorly paid job whilst everyone else is enjoying themselves.

  • The only work you're likely to find would be bar work but if you check out the Holiday Gazette website you will find plenty of apartments to rent and jobs on the go but the best way to get work is basically to get out and about and just go into every bar until you're lucky! the webpage is and click on "online classifieds" on the left hand side of the screen.... work is pretty scarce just now, we left Lanzarote to come back to Tenerife because work was in short supply! Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Forget working. We are here at 15% unemployment!

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