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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareAdd-ons · 1 decade ago

Will the nvidia geforce 7300 gt agp run flight simulator 2004 well?

Will the nvidia geforce 7300 gt agp run flight simulator 2004 well? e.g. how many fps?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Remove all options except "Transform and Lighting" in FS2004 under the Options> Settings>Display and Hardware tab. Set your mip-map quality to 4, set hardware lights to 8.

    Right click on desktop and select Properties menu.

    Click the Settings tab & click the Advanced button down the bottom.

    Click the tab that lists your vid card (6800GT in my case). Sad

    This is your Nvid controls. Go to the section called Performance & Quality Settings. In the Application Profiles box, select fs9.exe and FS2004:ACOF from the Application and Active Profiles boxes respectively.

    Now click the Modify Profile... button and select "Modify" from the two choices.

    Click OK.

    Now you can tweak the Nvidia settings...

    Make sure the View: Advanced Settings is selected. From the available selections, tick the boxes and set them up as per below:

    X Antialiasing settings 2xQ/4x (whichever is best for you)

    X Anisotropic filtering - OFF

    X Image settings - Quality

    Color profile (leave blank)

    X Vertical sync - ON

    X Force mipmaps - Trilinear

    X Conformant texture clamp - ON

    X Extension limit - OFF

    X Hardware Acceleration - Single display mode

    X Trilinear optimisation - ON

    X Anisotropic mip filter optimisation - ON

    X Anisotropic sample optimisation - ON

    Transparency antialiasing - OFF (don't tick the box)

    X Triple buffering - ON

    X Negative LOD bias - CLAMP

    Now click OK and the new settings should be saved and activate when you start FS2004.

    These are not fool-proof settings, but they upped my FPS in FS2004 considerably and let me run things like clouds without too much of a frame hit. But in my 11 years of experience with Flight sim, it's graphics options as pertaining to hardware stink. Let the graphics drivers handle it instead.

    There are also many tweaks for this software on

    Adjust these settings to your liking, but these seem to be a good base for most cards. Your card may have more options than mine

    Hope this helps!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi mate

    allthough the geforce 7300gt isnt one of the best in the geforce family it will run "flight simulator 2004" without any problems,and lowering the detail levels will increase the fps

    in respect to how many frames per second well on low detail settings and based on a resolution of 1024x768 you should be looking at a minimum of 50fps,then on medium (same resolution) this will drop to around 45fps,high detail will drop by another 10fps to 35 frames per second

    however 35fps is a playable frame rate and as long as you find the best refresh rate you should experience a decent flight sim

    note : most games and sims will automatically detect the best settings and these will be applied when the game/sim is installed,so the settings you see when you first run the game/sim are the best/optimal settings for your system,increasing these will obviously affect the game/sims performance however the trick is to slowly up the ante until you get a good mix of quality and performance

    any problems let me know

    good luck mate !

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  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    rule of thumb is that utilising recent drivers usually will provide terrific overall performance and least hassles. it fairly is probable real ninety 5% of the time or greater). you could try your chum's concept by potential of working the present drivers and then the hot drivers and seeing if there is any cut back in overall performance.

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