What plant is easy to maintain and can grow quickly? Also, what kind of light bulb is best for growing plants?

I have a biology project where I have to grow a plant in a month under artificial light, but the plant has to be easy to maintain and have a woody stem. I also don't know what kind of artificial light fixture to use and what kind of wattage would be best. I don't want it to get to hot for the plants. The light fixture needs to be inexpensive and easy to find. Thanks for any help!

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    Have you considered a bonsai tree? There are several tropical trees that will grow nicely indoors under a grow lamp or simply near a window.

    Based on your "woody stem" requirement, I would recommend something like a Chinese Elm or a Ficus trees. Most Ficus Bonsai Trees will lose their leaves when they are moved to a different growing conditions (indoors, under a light), but that will also give you a chance to see the trees branch structure.

    To answer your light question. Ask your local home improvement store guy for a plant bulb (Fluorescent bulb). But remember, most plants, including the Ficus needs some darkness. You also want to purchase an inexpensive timer for your light. Good luck

    Source(s): You should be able to find several sources online for growing a bonsai tree indoors, including http://www.BonsaiOutlet.com.
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    Hello Well that all depends, if the plant grow lights had two or one power socket, i'm guessing if it had two you'd already no that's a fluorescent bulb, so your teacher would probably have been using a High pressure sodium bulb, which was developed for street lighting, and has been adapted for growing plants to now. some info below on grow lighting and plant light spectrum a swell,hope this helps.

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    You can use any light fixture especially if you use a plant light. You can find them at Walmart in the hardware department. You can use seeds from just about any fruit to grow a woody stem plant. Some take longer to germinate than others though so be careful which one you try.

    You can also try beans or peas from seeds, carrots, radishes etc.

    Source(s): Houseplants for free; don't throw it, Grow it; davesgarden.com
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    I would suggest the "Spider Plant " because it is an all season plant, it needs little or no maintainance, does not need pollination to reproduce, has nice long dual decorative coloured leaves, does not grow too big, instead it produces baby spider plants from the main body not unlike the strawberry plant. Otherwise try the "Money Plant" it needs very little care, has a woody stem, will grow from a single leaf, does not grow too big, and whilst you have one of these plants you will never go short of money.

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    Yes, any type of "grow" light is good. Most big box store, lowes, home depot, ect no problem to find. They won't get hot if sold as a plant light

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    I did a bio project with brassica rapa wisconsin fast plant but its not woody... you can probably get away with using florescents with anything you use. good luck

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    lentils like beans or root crops like onions and potatoes

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