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Poll : Late night studies or Early morning studies?

*yawn ! * plz star.

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    i prefer only late night studies. coz when i sleep its difficult for me to get up in half sleep and study. but i can continue studing without sleeping. i used to study all night and sleep only at 5 in the morning. but you know it depends for each individual. some may be owls and some may be coo coo birds

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    Late night

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    Depends on the practice from early-hood. Seniors (talking about those 50/60 years earlier) used to advise us to study in the early morning. Why? Because after a good sleep, mind & brain remain fresh; moreover a pure morning is a serene time to study, so that the brain becomes able to hold the knowledge. Night is to sleep peacefully.

    But the days are gone! We miss those bird-singing mornings & even miss the so-called 'sweet deep sleep'. Here in my region, mornings are full of hawkers' shouting, LOUD horns of buses, trucks, cars; different types of questions, asking, curiosity etc from the family members! So, here night is better now. All my nephews & nieces do so. All these have become 'night-birds' & we allow them to sleep till 9am to even 11am (if classes are off).

    To me, it's better to study early morning & early night (till 12am).

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    I give you a star just to tell you that I preferred early morning studies when I was still a student.

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  • OIN
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    Well I think I can do writing work like doing some project or writing practical files well in LATE NIGHT.

    Bt anything related to memorizing or revising (what u call solid study) that I think I do best in EARLY MORNING--I think my mind is fresh at that time & after a sound sleep it become easy to memorize.

    & STAR for u(nice ques).

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    Early morning is the best time for studying,If u can get up early in the morning,Get up early in the morning,go outside,breath some fresh air,then sit for study.If last night sleep is good,in early morning your memory level remains high.So,early morning is better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Late night. Coz i can't wake up early in the morning. At night i can remain awake till anytime...

  • King
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    1 decade ago

    It is definitely late night studies for me because Iam practiced to wake so late.

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    early morning study

  • 1 decade ago

    Late night. of course.. but prefer to not study at all..

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