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which is the BEST FRAGRANCE perfume or cologne?

I want to try a new perfume, I used sun moon stars, fifth ave, and most of ck perfumes. I also want to get my husband a new fragrance. PLEASE HELP ME. Anything that you've tried or smell and absouletly loved.


Is anyone out there?? Please help

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    Elizabeth Taylor smells nasty, so don't even try it. I love pleasures, Irresistable, and trust me so will you & your husband.

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    Well there is a new one out called Gold. It could work for both your husband and you, I was smelling it for like an 5 min.

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    I bought my stepdaughter one of the J-lo brands, I was pleasantly surprised. It did smell very good. And I am very picky about colognes or perfumes, because so many of them give me headaches.

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    Victoria's Secret Pink, seriously I got like 5 compliments on it today, I get compliments when wearing it all the time. you should try it, it smells so good!

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    I can't recommend a new perfume to you, but for your husband i can recommend a few that i wear myself.

    Dolce and Gabbana The One

    Gucci by Gucci

    Prada for Men (Yes The Purple One)

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    well jessica simpson new perfume smells really good and i use ralph lauren which most ppl like .... there also chanel to smells really good... i wear ralph lauren all the time and alot of ppl ask me what it is

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    my fav is cheap and smellllllls soo good its at anchor blue called sinful try it youll love it and it stays on all day!

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