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will a 32 bit wireless card work on my 64 bit vista?

its a linksys G

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    most likely not

    there seems to be very little support (for unknown reasons) for 64-bit vista by the wireless card companies.

    i have purchased now two different cards, first from netgear, and now linksys, that say they are vista ready. the second card, the linksys wmp110v2 even says on the box that it is "vista 64-bit ready with driver update"

    this statement i quickly find out is in fact a lie, no where does this downloadable driver exist for this product, not even linksys' site.

    dont believe a wireless card is 64-bit ready even if it says it on the box, i am looking now for ones that are, and i will tell you.

    as it would seem most companies have more usb adapters 64-bit ready

    this link should give you some options:

    hope this helps you

    D-link and Asus seem to be two of the companies that are 64-bit ready, but before you purchase i recommend checking online on either of there sites for the 64-bit driver download.


    Update: This card:

    will for 100% work with vista 64-bit (i think any edition as i am using ultimate) you just need to download the driver addittion from here:

    download the version and unzip into the directory that the driver CD made on your HD, restart, go to the device manager, and find the network controller, right click his update driver, select folder, go to the folder and hit ok. shoudl work great, is working for me!

    hope this helps!

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    Yes as long as it comes with drivers for Vista 64, or has them on linksys's website


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    Exactly what he said. Look for the drivers on the website, DON'T USE THE CD, because it probably only has 32 bit drivers.

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