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If I rinse my mouth with Clorox (bleach) will it make my teeth whiter?

Idk, maybe this is a stupid question. But if I did this, would it:

1.) Take the stains away from my clear braces

2.)Whiten my teeth

Clorox mixed with water of course.


haha. just wondering. people do it to cure gingivitis so i didnt know.

Update 2:

I do use peroxide and it does work well. And thank you all for saving me. lol.

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    Not a good idea, but hydrogen peroxide after brushing will do and it won't kill you. Don't swallow the peroxide. You can brush after you put the peroxide in your mouth and your mouth will feel absolutely wonderful!!!

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    Wow, you're a smart one.

    Considering I've been through Chem 1, 2, and College Chem, I could give you some pointers....

    First of all, bleach is chlorine. I don't know if you have any earthly idea as to what chlorine is... but it's an irritating toxic gas which is pretty harmful to the human body if in contact with. I understand you want your teeth whiter etc etc.. but if you swallow bleach, it can be deadly. Sodium Hyporchlorite is nothing to play around with and can be fatal.

    Why don't you head to CVS and get the mouth wash or something along those lines??

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    NO. You should never put bleach in your mouth! You could die or cause cancer in your mouth by putting bleach in it!

    Only use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water once a week or less often. And use whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes and try white stripes.

    DO NOT USE BLEACH! It will not whiten your teeth it may just kill you instead!

    Source(s): hygienist
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    I use a product called Maximum Teeth Whitening . You order it over the internet. For like $30 AUD you get 2 syringes of the whitening gell, instruction booklet and a moulding thing for your teeth and instructions on how to do it. Its easy, pretty quick and great value for money compared to some of the things around. I did heeps of looking around the internet before i ordered.

    It has worked great for me, i put it in my mouth now and then just to keep my smile white. I liked it so much that i have re-ordered it since finishing my last lot!

    I get lots of compliments on my white teeth and this is the baby to thank!


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    5 years ago

    Stay away from the professional teeth whitening procedures and from the whitening at home kits. They are using extremely toxic chemicals that can cause IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE TO TOOTH ENAMEL and premature tooth decay.

    Check out this site: http://www.naturalwhiteteeth.net - It's about how you can whiten your teeth 100% naturally. Same results but 100% safe and 1000 times cheaper.

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    Yuk, you might not have gums left if you do that much. You might be able to dab some Clorox mix on your teeth to whiten them but I would try the whitening kit in stores and see if that helps.

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    Uh yeah, do you have the number for poison control? I think I have it - here - 1800 dumb idea.

    Hydrogen peroxide might do it though - dip in hydrogen peroxide, then dip in some baking soda and use that as toothpaste.

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    its a poison

    diluting it ill not make it better

    if any of that goes down your throught you could get seriously ill

    just wait until your braces are off and get your teeth whitened

    please dont do that


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    hell no lol its not the same bleach! even if you mix it with water i highly doubt it will whiten your teeth. go to your dentist and have them whiten your teeth or use whitening mouth wash and toothpaste. bleach will mess up your mouth and prob hurt like hell!!!

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    In theory it probably could. But you're liable to burn your mouth and swallow some, which would wreak havoc on your digestive system.

    EDIT: Yes, hydrogen peroxide works well. Know why?

    2H2O2 --> 2H2O + O2

    NaClO --> Na+ + ClO- --> ???

    You don't want any hypochlorite ions in your system, that's for sure!

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