Is there a place you can "rent" books?

I have a friend who reads a lot of books, which ends up being a very expensive hobby. I was wondering is there a place to get books and return them when you are done, like netflix, but for books!

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    yes, it's called a public library...

    go to your local library and ask for a library's free...(except when you have overdue books)....

    you can rent out books for a couple of weeks, depends on the library but it's usually about two weeks, and then you return the books....

    if you return the books on time then there is no problem, if you don't you get a fine...

    it's simple....

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  • Um, a library! You get a card for $1, at least it's $1 at our library, and you can get books for free, but only if you have a card. Ask you librarian, they will explain everything. And you can only keep them out for a certain amount of time, so other people can read them, if you get them in late, you have to pay 5 - 10 cents per day. You really don't know what a library is???

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    I'd go with Bookswim. The service is exactly like what you want - a Netflix for books.

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    It's called the public library, and it is completely free. other than that, no, i don't think so. u can borrow a copy from a friend, but they prob wont make u pay either. i only buy books i really, really like, and the rest of the time i go to the library.

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    hmm... good question...

    well one place you can "rent BOOKS" is you local public library.

    You need a library card to check out books and its free!

    You can check out as many books depending on the library

    and how long you take them out depends on the library too

    WELL... Happy book finding :)

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    So far there isn't any place online that I am aware of that will allow you to "rent" ebooks, at least fiction ebooks that are not already available free.

    But if you want to rent print books netflix style:

    these sites allow you to rent books for a fee without a time limit and late fees.

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    The library! Also, you could just buy books off of Amazon for way cheaper! Or even borrow them from your friend! :) Good Luck!

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    ....are you serious? Ever heard of a public library? It's a big place full of books that you can take out for a set amount of time (about 2 weeks) with no cost as long as you return it on time. Like magic........

    lol. Sry I couldn't resist.

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