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Ramadan~ How can we achieve Noor in our faces?

Noor is light, and some people have this noor in their face, how is this achieved? any hadith, verses evidence etc?

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    You can achieve Noor on your face by developing Taqwa (consciousness of presence of Allah all the times and that our actions are being recorded by Angels in our record).

    Taqwa can be developed by following

    1. five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim knows what five pillars of Islam are

    2. By reading about life of Prophet Mohammad SAW and his ahadith.

    3. By having good knowledgfe of Islam, strong belief in Allah

    and His Messenger and following all teachings of Islam

    right and wrong.

    4. By reading Quran daily on regular basis

    5. Paying yearly zakat (ppor tax)

    6. Giving charity to needy and supporting Masjid projects.

    7. Never hurt any human's feeling.

    8. Loves Allah and His Messenger more than any one else.

    Those Muslims who do regularly all the above, Allah blesses their faces with His Noor. People can recognize a pious person by observing Noor on hi/her face.


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    hello!! u seem like a really nice person !

    im sorry i dont know any hadith regarding this but im sure there are many verses as well as hadees.

    let me tell you what i have observed. My mother and sister they do full hijab that is cover their full face and body and whenever i look at my mother im always so mesmerised. I can see the innocence on her face and this light or noor that always enlightens her. Same thing for my sister. Also people who are very pious and fulfill Allah swt every command Allah swt illuminates them with his noor mashallah, Also it is said a hadees if i can properly recall .. if you do wodhu ie the ablution 100% properly u r in a state of complete purity or PAKEEZA as we call it and that is when Allah swt gives you noor when u purify to pray to him

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    argh i cant think of it right now.. but im pretty sure 1 is by reading surah kahf on thursday night, and your face shines with noor until the following week's jumah. i think that was one..

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    Read surah kahf on Fridays ( sorry haven't got the time to provide you with Hadith references, it would be nice if someone could ).

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    noor comes on your face if you pray 5 times daily 24/7 and at least read one ruku from the quran after praying..and do good deeds, don't lie..

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    Don't go to the beach LOL

    well, you have to be a good person.

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