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looking for more music like this?

i tried listening to more stuff people suggested but i just didnt like it, you couldnt chill out to it as good


its like super melow rap to a reggae beat

and its sick

something like this.. radio retaliation - theivery corporation

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Update 2:

i HATE sean kingston but..

i love bob marley

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    hey baby by mos def and stephen marley

    road to zion by nas and damien marley (look out for an album their doing together that there supposed to release soon)

    ghetto rich remix by rich boy ft. wayne, nas, and john legend

    some other real chill music is this guy blu, but its more of a soul relax than reggae so idn if its what your looking for but some songs by him that are real chill are til we die, the whole below the heavens album but especially so(ul) amazin (steel blazin), another day, on mars, mars remix, city of los(t) ang(e)les, gloryus, amnesia, vanity...just a few idn if youll like the style or not though, but i find that stuff real relaxing

    also check out mos def and talib kweli, especially their work together as the group Black Star. songs youll propably like are definition and RE:Definition

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    try out sean kingston, bob marley, just look up random reggae things. you'll be able to find someone new! =P

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    Try the rebelution - feelin alright.

    Great song :)

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