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Can you buy a car WITHOUT A TITLE? I need confirmation .?


I want to buy a used car by a private owner. The owner of the car just paid off the loan of this car so he contacted the bank and they told him that the title is gonna arrive to him in about three - to - five weeks.

Now , i really need a car (right now i don't have anything to get around) and is a good car.

So im asking you if there is any way to get this car and legally get it on the road.

Without the title can you register the car at the DMV? does the bill of sale have any affect?

and if yes where can i get a copy of a form for a bill of sale

i asked this question before but the answerers didnt know that the guy im buying it from is my friend

somebody told me that the bill of sale will be enough in most states ,i called dmv and they said its not possible , can you give me some confirmation, and by confirmation i mean i need to see it somewhere written that i can buy the car and legally have it as my own till the title comes.

( the guy at the DMV was kind of having a rough day i think so he didnt really care to answer my questions)

thx in advance


@mikey :

how would i lease the car from my friend?

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    You keep asking this as if you will get better answers the more you do. The DMV would be the only ones to give a correct answer. If you are determined to have a car right away, find one that does not have any title issues.

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  • NO, not possible.

    You must have the title to get license plates. In order for you to get license plates the ownership of the vehicle must change. The ONLY way ownership can legally change is with a title. A title is just more that a title. It is printed on what they call secure paper. Also to transfer owership, you must according to federal law for the odometer reading. Federal Law 580.5 The odometer statement is the secure paper part of the title which is required in every transaction.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Never make a car deal without the title ready in hand from a private seller! You need that before anything else can be done.

    And, unless your friend is in the leasing business legally, forget it!

    Source(s): Dealer/salesman
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  • Anonymous
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    It is entirely dependent on the State and the laws of the State it is titled in. Rather than try to guess what the laws are in the State you are fooling around in, why don't you lease the vehicle from your friend until the title arrives? Hoping it does arrive.

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  • 4 years ago

    you will need a title in order to register your car

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