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Is it beneficial to sleep without a shirt at night if i have back acne?

also what other things can i do to get rid of my back acne

i hav p.e. at school and i bring my gym shirt home every week to wash it but should i do it mor often? is that what is causing it?


well its weight training class and i barely sweat if at all in that class cuz we dont hav that much time to actually workout

its not lik my shirt is soaking wet wen i put it on it is dry but i was jus thinkin if that had anything to do with it

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    You need to wash that shirt you use for gym each time you workout essentially everyday.

    Eat good food.

    No alcohol

    No pizza

    No sugar.

    No dairy products

    No beef or pork or red meat.

    Good night sleep

    More fruits and vegetables.

    Chicken and fish in real moderation

    20-25 glasses of water (since you workout)

    You can wear a clean shirt everyday for sleeping at night.

    I am not asking give up on things you eat or drink regularly but until situation improves you need to remove them completely.

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    If you sweat at night, I would sleep without a shirt, but make sure you are washing your sheets once a week because that might be giving you more acne. Maybe buy another gym shirt to switch out with the other one so that you can have two a week. Also try a body acne product that you can use in the shower, it should help to clear up your acne.

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    It doesn't really matter as long as the shirt is clean. The dirtier a shirt the more likely you are spreading sweat oil and bacteria all over your clean skin. Try to wash the gym stuff more often. There is a lot of crap on it you can't see. How often do you have gym? It should really be washed after every use.

    I doubt that's what's CAUSING your acne but it certainly won't be helping.

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    Ummm, try everyday! That's gross. Neutrogena makes Body Clear, a cleanser and a scrub. If you are not washing your sheets regularly - once a week, then yes sleep with a clean shirt on! Make sure to shower at night. Hot (opens the pores) to wash and cold (closes the pores) to rinse. If you leave your pores open, you are just asking for dirt/oil to retreat in them!

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    You can sleep wearing whatever you want; it's your decision. Moms take it in stride what their teen boys do; they know there are body changes happening and will not interfere. Personally, I don't wear boxers to bed if I've worn then during the day. Frankly, I prefer to be commando (nude) under the covers. Because the ceiling fan is on or the air vent flows over my bed, I sometimes only wear a tee shirt to bed. No one will care what you wear. If mom checks on you at nite and the covers are off, she will just look how her son is developing and leave quietly. If you are embarassed, ask dad to check on you at nite.

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    i have the same problem!

    I think that sleeping in your shirt at night will be fine, i do it.

    good luck getting rid of it!

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    It does not matter you are going to be sleeping on fabric anyway take more showers and use more soap.

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