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Do officers in the Marines get to pick their MOS? Or is just being an officer their job?

Also do they get trained like the others in weapons and tactics, ect?

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    They get to choose Air, Law or Ground when they go in. Air contract must pass a flight physical. Law contracts must have completed their JD or be accepted into a program. If they pick ground they, depending on gender, can end up in anyother MOS.

    After OCS all officers must complete infantry type training at The Basic School also in Quantico. When I was with E&I Co, I think it combat instructor company now, we would run them through familarization on some crew served weapons and act as aggressors when they were doing there field training. there's some more to it than that, but that's the idea of it. If it's still the same as when I was there the Lts will qual on the rifle and pistol range while they are at TBS.

    While at TBS the classes our broken down into 3rds based on grades and the top of those 3rds are more likely to get the MOS they want. They do this to ensure that no one MOS gets all the good officers while MOSs, like supply, get a bunch of dumbasses. If a male officer gets infantry they stay in Quantico and complete IOC for their MOS training. I have no idea about where other MOSs go.

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    USMC Officers state a preference for an MOS during TBS(The Basic School) which all Marine Officers attend and which follows OCS or graduation for those who commissioned through NROTC, PLC and the Naval Academy. Class standing and the needs of the Marine Corps determine how fully that preference is fulfilled.

    The MOS Handbook is available here:

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    Officers "may" be trained in a certain MOS but can serve in other units. I never had a CO or XO that had Communications training. I was an instructor for 18 months at Quantico, giving classes to potential Officers, but only enough to give them an idea of what was possible.

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    i've got talked to many recruiters by way of fact i've got been thinking of enlisting too. My suggestion, in case you already began college end and grow to be an officer. the distinction between an officer and enlisted is relatively that an officer has extra education and makes extra money than enlisted. you will desire to have a bachelor's degree or in case you enlist after a definite quantity of time you may prepare for OCS (officer candidate college). Which branch you circulate into relies upon on what you love to do, and wether or no longer you do nicely on you ASVAB(Armed centers Vocational flair Battery). as a fashion to get into the dept and occupation you such as you will desire to get a minimum score. palms down the suitable branches for high quality of residing and existence are the Air rigidity, the Marines, or the Coast shield. sturdy success with notwithstanding you % to do.

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    Everyone gets trained in the weapons they use. Every Marine can seek training for other weapons during their career.

    Marine officers are given more tactical training than enlisted Marines.

    At the end of OCS Marines are asked which branch they would prefer to enter. When they graduate they will be sent to that branch where they are expected to learn all the general aspects of the branch.

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    no weapons training, and if you call what I had weapons training then your an idiot. I got a mini demo most of the training comes from where your stationed.

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    They get first priority in picking what job they want. Most of the Aviations stuff is gone, cuz all the officers get them :(

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