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Why do bullies bully ?

Does it come from a sense of entitlement ?

What makes human beings think it's ok to go up to other people and say nasty things to them ?

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    Not every bully is a narcissist but many are.

    It does usually come from a sense that they are entitled to bully you. They are usually people that were indulged as children and actually have a sense of enjoyment when they bully others. It really feels good to them. They feel above you, on top of the world. Keep in mind though, for every bully, there is an even bigger bully. So the bully can get bullied too , which is nice to know.

    Some people, even if they are not bullies think they have the right to speak their mind even if it hurts someone else. They are just thick headed individuals with no class and usually no insight or depth at all. They are shallow individuals.

    The best way is to ignore a bully's remarks. That might not be easy to do, you want to say something back to them but it will only escalate the situation. Be the smarter one and by ignoring their comment or just quickly changing the subject you are letting them know that their comment didn't get to you and you won't go down to their level. You would be surprised how that really gets to them more than a response they were expecting.

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    Hurting people, hurt people. Narcissistic personality disorder is mostly people with drug or alcohol problems, but some people were just put down when they were small children and made to feel small, so they in turn put others down in order to make themselves feel bigger. That is not an excuse. I think they were just hurt so bad when they were small that they don't realize they do it to others. Also you have to keep in mind that most of the time they are jealous of the person they are hurting, and wish that they could be more like that person. In the mind of the narcissist they are right and the world is all wrong. They have huge egos and in their mind they don't have a problem, you do, so even in therapy, they don't get help because their ego is too big to see that they are the one with the problem.

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    My personal opinion is because they really have nothing to feel good about, about themselves. In some sick way, when they pick on other people it gives them a since of self worth and makes them feel superior.

    In other words, bullies are big basic losers and should be treated as such. Have pity on all losers.

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    Jealousy. and the fact they hate themselves but dont want to show it so they hate somebody else for the fact there everything there not. and they probably have trouble at home. Honestly, The best thing to do is stand up for yourself. just dont get ur *** kicked. take up martial arts for e.g


    Source(s): i was bullied. i kept telling people but they didnt do anything so i just started sticking up for myself
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    Because it makes them feel good to belittle someone else. Especially if its someone they know is very shy, calm and won't say much.

    Source(s): I was bullied. Jerks!
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    Leave the thinking to the social workers.Just give them a smack!

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    because people think its ok to make fun of other people when it is not

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    They hide THEIR insecurities.

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