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Mass Effect Class Change?

Hey guys,

I'm playing through Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 right now and I'm getting kind of tired of the Soldier class... I know you can play through the game more than once, so my question is: After the first playthrough, when you start the second, can you change your class or do you have to be the same as you were on the last run through the game?

If anyone knows this please let me know, because I'm debating starting over as something else.


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    Your next playthrough you can change class, but lose all XP.

    In your current playthrough, when you reach a high level you can get a sub class that will boost a couple aspects of the soldier class, but it won't change your way of playing. If you don't like the class I would change, but I'm telling you, although the classes are different, they aren't any more fun to play. Powers can be cool, but access to all guns could be better. It's less on taste and more on if you can stand playing at all.

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