What should I go to? Pace or Queens College?

I'm from New York, but now I live out of state. I want to be a lawyer, and head back to New York. I've got a choice between Pace University and Queens college. I don't like Queens because it's so far away from the subway, and I'd like to see my family a lot, since they're in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Hoboken, NJ. Queens is cheaper and a better school, but this may be my only chance to live in Manhattan. Any input?

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    How is Queens far from the subway - you got the R, W, V, N, M, G, F and E that go throughout Queens (and those are just what I pulled off the top of my head). The F, R, N and V all go from Queens, through Manhattan and all the way down to Brooklyn. If you lived in New York, you should know that ....

    I'm making this point because Queens College is a better, cheaper, more convenient college. It has a good legal studies, political science, philosophy, history or whatever other social sciences-based program you would like to enroll in. You're not going to racking up thousands of dollars in loans, and you're going to get a quality education, even if it is a state school. My best friend graduated from Queens and is attending a pretty good law school up in Boston called Harvard :) I am currently a graduate student at Brooklyn College, also in the CUNY system, and am preparing to apply to for my PhD at CUNY Graduate Center. Brooklyn is also another option for a school - you said you have family in Brooklyn and Jersey, why don't you look into that, as well? I personally find Brooklyn College to be a teensy better in the social sciences than Queens, but I didn't get my undergrad in the CUNY system, so I'm not entirely familiar with it.

    Anyways, good luck!

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    You can live in Manhattan and go to Queens College, of course--but you could live more cheaply in Queens and visit Manhattan whenever you liked with no problem.

    I admit Queens College is not the easiest place to get to via public transportation, but it is a very good school. I got my MLS there. I live on Long Island, so I just commuted by car--it was the only practical thing to do. I think my only other option was the Long Island Rail Road and then two buses.

    Edit: Eura, good points, and I was going to suggest Brooklyn College. I think their law school is slightly better than Queens.

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    Are there other community colleges in your local area? Ones that you could use public transportation to reach? Are you firmly committed to a "sleep away" experience for college, and is this an expense that you and your family can afford? A somewhat surprising statistic that I came across just this week shows that, in 2010 (latest year for which data is available), almost 43% of all undergraduate students in the U.S. (those working toward a Bachelor's degree) were *currently enrolled in a community college.* That's almost 1 in 2 students who are going to a CC, and when you think about it, that's a pretty smart move. CCs are much cheaper and students can complete their basic core courses and transfer to 4-year colleges for their final two years. Based upon your GPA and SAT score, I would recommend that you attend a CC while you work on your study habits and refine your approach to college. You'll learn a lot, you'll save a lot of money (or your parents will) and if you decide that going for a Bachelor's degree is what you want, you'll be well positioned to apply for any of the schools you listed above for your final two years. Good luck!

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    pace queens college

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    I live in Queens and my daughter attends Queens College. So out of convenience she goes there. I am also a few blocks away from the LIRR which makes it easy for her to go into Manhattan. In your case, I would definitely go to Pace. Have fun and good luck.

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