Ok does anyone know where I can find some gay pop music?

I've searched and I can't find any anywhere. And I'm looking for underground stuff. It can be mainstream though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows any artists. Anything would help.

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    The Perry Twins

    Jason & DeMarco


    Chris Cox

    Joi Cardwell

    Pet Shop Boys



    Kevin Aviance

    DJ Escape

    Ari Gold


    Jason Walker

    Carl Bean

    Junior Vasquez

    Nemesis Rising

    Darren Hayes

    James Roy

    Tracy Young

    Julian Marsh

    Colton Ford

    Sophie B. Hawkins

    David Knapp

    Wendy Hunt

    Liquid 360

  • 1 decade ago

    Sony has a gay label and there's several indie and festival sites, could also cruise around pride entertainment sources, a couple of the womyn's labels... there's older dated stuff to be found through ladyslipper if they're still around, at least a couple names to pick up.

    But localized queer event cds are probably the easiest source for independent, underground or virtually unknown bands, artists or performers.

    (Music can be queer as it relates to culture or just the contributing labels attached to the performers themselves, with themes or elements, even within language or cryptic messages, or even sound which aligns itself within a culture or tradition, regardless of its properties to experiences that are innately human and universal.... but there's also a fair reality of sometimes just wanting to hear music being sung by someone in a feminine or masculine voice, identity, singing about someone of a similar, same identity... or sometimes just the need to know people with similar traits, some shared experiences or identities are actually singing to you rather than the unnamed masses or universe; my people might be the world, but my tribe is a little more unique.)

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    gay pop music? what is that? i know music im a musician....never heard of "gay pop music"

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    I didn't know music had a sexual preference!

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