reconstruction period?

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    Reconstruction is the era in the U.S. history from 1865 to 1877, when the U.S. focused on abolishing slavery, destroying all traces of the Confederacy, establishing the rights of Freedmen, the name used for freed slaves, and through three new constitutional amendments strengthening the role of the federal governments and its courts. Reconstruction policies were debated in the North as soon as the war started, and began in earnest after the Emancipation Proclamation, issued on January 1, 1863, and the federal occupation of major parts of southern states allowed the formation of new, loyal state governments. President Abraham Lincoln was the major policymaker until his death in April, 1865. Reconstruction began in each state as soon as federal troops controlled most of the state. It ended at different times in different states. The Compromise of 1877 saw the collapse of the last three Republican state governments in the South, so 1877 is the usual date given for the end of Reconstruction, although some historians extend the era to the 1890s.[1] The bitterness and repercussions from the heated conflicts of the era lasted well into the 20th century. "Reconstruction" is also the term used in textbooks for the history of the entire U.S. 1865-1877.

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    The period immediately following the Civil War, 1865 to about 1877, when the South was being rebuilt?

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