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Wiring a Stratocaster:American Standard Strat or Eric Johnson Strat Wiring?

I'm rewiring a Strat and I'm trying to figure out if I should wire it like the American Standard Strat or the Eric Johnson Strat.I'm leaning more toward the Johnson,because the bridge pickup gets the tone control,but on Fender's website(If you look on Fender's site and go to support,they have wiring diagrams for all their guitars)the American Standard Strat wiring diagram and the switching /control diagram have the bridge pickup connect to a tone control.So basically it claims all the pickups are connected to a tone control.Anyone with either of these guitars who wants to weigh in please do so.I've heard both guitars on YouTube and it seems like the Eric Johnson Strat sounds better,but then again the guitars have pretty different pickups and electronics in them.The Johnson Strat just seems to sound more responsive and crisp.

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    If you have the correct wiring diagram which I am sure. How about the pots??????????????????????????????????//

    What value are you using. On an Eric J (BTW, I love his style and always jam with his CD ), he uses the 375k pots and NOT the standard Fenders 250K. This helps keep the input of the amp or preamp from loading down the guitar and changing its tonal characteristics.

    You can go up to 500K pots but not suggested as these pots work better on humbuckers. :-))

    Also, he uses specially - designed custom pickups which, you can get at Seymour Duncan. LOL . But, try the pots first because 250k and 375k will give you two different tones.

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    Standard Strat Wiring

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    The little circuit bread contains an amplifier. With a little study of electronics, you can determine which is input, output, and power terminals on the board.

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