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How to find lawsuits?

How do you find out how many lawsuits someone has filed? To make a long story short my maid of honor is suing the place I got married b/c her husband "slipped and fell hurting his knee" It's a bogus frivolous lawsuit and they have even threatened to come after my family of all things! We have plenty of pictures..and 80 wedding guests that will gladly testify that they were drunk and merry all night and left without incident. Everyone is very disgusted by what they are doing as they are crying the victim of negligence. I'm wondering if this is just something they do for quick cash? I wasn't able to find anything in public records other than they refinanced their house 2 years ago for waayyyy more than they could afford.

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    Lawsuits are public records. If your maid of honor really has filed lawsuits in the past, you should be able to find them if you look on the court websites in the county or area where they were filed. This will take a bit of research on your part but it's not too difficult to find out.

    For example, in California, you can access lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County (, Orange County ( Riverside County ( and many other counties.

    So do a search for the court website in your county or the counties surrounding the area where you maid of honor lives, and search for her name or her husband's name. If she filed something, you'll find it.

    Good luck!

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    Her case won't go through, she'll probably be fined for court fees and wasting official's time.

    That information is person; only the client and lawyer (and any important officials) can see that. It generally isn't brought up in court either.

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    i suppose you could go to the county court house where they reside and find out there

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