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Help, needed by today please, How are you supposed to start..?

how are you supposed to start a conclusion, in a debate?? because really, i never debated, and i have to do the conclusion.

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    Conclusion starts after the Data and Analysis.

    of course you know what data is, right? In the Analysis, you start connecting the data to your opinion(conclusion) but not making it sound too much of an opinion. Just connect the data to your point.

    Then when you are done, you conclude.

    I conclude.... blah blah blah...

    There. Make sure you are able to say the things you need to say and the things you want say.

    Good Luck!

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    Just say..

    In conclusion lets review the items we have covered.

    And then list them in order of importance or in some sequence that makes sense based upon the debate.

    DO NOT throw in anything new - just repeat - briefly - the items that have been mentioned.

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    You should start by saying..

    In conclusion, it has been seen that... (sum up main points)

    Then give your opinion/angle or theory ( refer to for and against here to back up but leaning toward your chosen point to arrive at your individual theory)

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    I guess a little summation of your main points is the usual thing to do.

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    Sing the following:

    listen to this,

    its too good to miss

    i have just won the debate

    dah dum.

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    in conclusion.. I would like to close by reiterating ......... ( then sum up all your points)

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    The point snatcher stikes again.....gimmie more points, thier MINE....give em' to me!

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    i dont think this question is in the right place... singles and dating?... i honestly dont know but you may get more answers if you put it in the right subject... sorry

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    So whts this q doing on singels&^dating?

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