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Why was God so cruel to Job?

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    Because he had a bet running with satan apparently

    Source(s): atheist I like the brick testament also, it makes an utter mockery of the minds of bible literalists.
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    God wasn't the least bit cruel to Job. If you read the beginning of the book of Job in the Bible, you'll see that Satan made a charge against God's faithful man Job (and ultimately to all humans) that the only reason why they would serve God would be for selfish interests, or what they personally get out of it. God allowed Satan to bring those horrific problems onto Job (short of killing him directly) in order to see if Job would prove Satan a liar.....which he did.

    Job was then greatly blessed by God when the trial was over, with double the amount he had before, including his children. Not only that, but Job has the assurance of the children he lost being resurrected back to life again.

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    God's policy for managing the universe seems to be, by and large, a pretty hands-off affair (with, of course, a few exceptions of intervening to cater the odd quail dinner in the desert or whatever). This may seem cruel to you.

    However, what would be the alternative? A busybody God, who intervenes constantly in people's lives, making everything turn out okay all the time? A Dictator God, who *forces* people to behave right and stand up straight?

    Bah! Give me free will evey time. It's messy, chaotic and painful, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

  • Read the Bible for yourself! God was NOT Cruel to Job and are you a god that you can judge God? When was the last time you made a galaxy or a solar system or even a planet?!

    Source(s): The Holy and Inerrant Word of God the Holy Bible
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    WE LIVE IN SATAN'S WORLD [ 2Cor.4:3,4, the world that ends ]:

    Job does not agree with that, Job 19:23-26, Satan is cruel.

    Job 2:1-6, Satan was cruel to Job one of the 70 in Jacobs Family when he went into Egypt, year 2298, 1768 BCE and 642 years after flood, his rath was against these people.

    Meanwhile in Egypt the rest of the family after Joseph dies Year 2368, 1698 BCE and 712 years after the flood, all was

    in bondage, by the time Job died year 2433, 1633 BCE, 777 years after the flood, the infant males were ordered to be killed by Pharoah, Acts 7:1-60, Moses was saved and at

    age 80, year 2513, 1553 BCE and 857 years after flood, Exo.7:7, 12:41, to age 120, year 2553, 1513 BCE, 897 years after flood, Deut. 34:7, he had been getting the 12

    tribes of Jacob/Israel away from Egypt and giving then the law. Gal.3:16-26.

    Source(s): Bible.
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    It was not God being cruel to Job, But God told satan that he can not change Job's mind therefore God lifted his protection to prove that Job will come through.

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    Don't you think that God tests many of us throughout the centuries? There have been many people that lose their homes, family, job, possessions. And yet still love the Lord. Now did God allow Satan to do that to them like He did with Job? Maybe, maybe not. But it happened and it's in the Bible to show us what real, true, strong faith is all about. You need nothing but the Lord to provide for you and to give you eternal life.

    Source(s): Catholic and lovin it
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    He wasnt being cruel to Job. God was so proud of Job, and knew Job had so much faith in him, that he wouldnt ever lose faith in Job. But satin did not want to believe it, in fact, he thought he could actually turn him against God. So what Job went thru was satins work, not of God. God just allowed it to prove a point to the devil.

    Which Job was rewarded in the end.

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    the same reason y god is cruel 2 me

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    Evil flourishes when good does nothing it's said approx

    getting a replacent family after yours getting killed cos of a bet is sick and cruel

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    A god is only a cruel as the true believers who dream it into being.

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