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word definitions......?

i need the definition of the following words:

1. Traits:

2. Segments:

3. Goodwill:

4. Enterprising:

these definitions are around the area of business management

Thank You

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    1. Traits: Traits are a simple composition mechanism for structuring object-oriented programs. A Trait is essentially a parameterized set of methods; it serves as a behavioral building block for classes and is the primitive unit of code reuse. With Traits, classes are still organized in a single inheritance hierarchy, but they can make use of Traits to specify the incremental difference in behavior with respect to their superclasses.

    2. Segments: is a subgroup of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product and/or service needs. A true market segment meets all of the following criteria: it is distinct from other segments (different segments have different needs), it is homogeneous within the segment (exhibits common needs); it responds similarly to a market stimulus, and it can be reached by a market intervention. The term is also used when consumers with identical product and/or service needs are divided up into groups so they can be charged different amounts. These can broadly be viewed as 'positive' and 'negative' applications of the same idea.

    3. Goodwill: is an accounting term used to reflect the portion of the book value of a business entity not directly attributable to its assets and liabilities; it normally arises only in case of an acquisition. It reflects the ability of the entity to make a higher profit than would be derived from selling the tangible assets. Goodwill is also known as an intangible asset.

    4. Enterprising: Showing initiative and willingness to undertake new projects

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