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Who puff more owls than Tom?

does anyone understand what it means?


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    Who puff more owls than Tom?

    >> 指誰能夠比雄土雞(male turkey)更能刺激(或激怒)貓頭鷹?

    owls puff their feathers when they get irritated or become defensive caused by a turkey(i.e. Tom) cause' the owl and turkey hate each other.

    Tom: 代表雄火雞

    本題最主要是貓頭及雄土雞好像是天敵. turkey 看到 owl 接近就拉警報

    During the winter, the evenings are quite chilly here in Tucson, so the Great Horned Owls puff up their insulating feathers(所以我們知道貓頭鷹的羽毛有防禦作用) to keep themselves warm, making them look a bit rotund.

    再看下例是重點: (turkey hates owl)

    A trick I learned when I was working with the Story County Conservation Board was to make an owl sound to get wild turkeys to call. Turkeys hate owls and sound the alarm.

    We are growing the Bronze-breasted turkeys and I made an owl hoot(梟叫) and watched a Tom puff out his feathers and try to look menacing(看起來很險惡的樣子; ie. become defensive). The turkeys, I must admit, are a bit freaky looking, especially the waddle(指貼在頭前垂下來的軟趴趴的東西) thingy that hangs down from their head.


    Tom's big waddle.

    since turkey hates owl so he can make owl become irritated and puffed his feathers.

    so here comes the answer on - who could puff more owls than Tom(turkey)?

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    我覺得可以提供上下文比較好解釋, 因為Tom(大寫)是代表雄土雞之意, 並非小寫...

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    原句puff的數有誤, 應是puffs或puffed才對.

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    owl puffer

    解釋: One who performs fellatio on a person who has just sodomized them.

    例句: Julie was know as a fairly classy dame 'til I found out she was an owl puffer.

    Due to certain restrictions and regulations, I'm afraid that's the most I can tell you here. I think it's pretty clear already. You can further search the unknown words above on

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    I find George's explanation reasonable, until I see "Tom" is a proper noun with capitalized T. If it's referring to a male turkey, it should have been "a tom

    2009-02-26 10:08:23 補充:

    ...but it's capitalize instead. Moreover, I'm kind of sensitive to the word "puff", like in "puff the Magic Dragon". So I thought maybe there's more into it than just literal meaning. In such circumstances, I looked it up at the urbandictionary, and walla!

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