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LaLa asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

everything but the girl 的中文團名

為什麼everything but the girlk的中文團名是只要女孩,而不是除了女孩呢?thanks!

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    about a boy中文翻譯「非關男孩」,其實明明就跟男孩有關係。突然想到Anything but the Girl這個團在台灣的翻譯是「只要女孩」,應該是「什麼都可以,就是不要女孩」吧。這個社會什麼你都可以得到,用錢,用一切手段,但是得到女孩如紅樓夢中的綜合典型就不容易了,所以倒過來正面地說變成只要女孩。


    They formed a duo and took their unusual name "Everything but the Girl" from the slogan of well-known Hull shop, 'Turners' Furniture', on Beverley Road (left).

    For your bedroom needs, we sell everything but the girl.(傢俱店的宣傳口號)

    We do not sing everything but the girl.

    Earlier, this was a line from the 1937 film Daughter of Shanghai, in reference to a bungled murder and theft of evidence: 'Did you get it?' 'Everything.' 'Everything but the girl!'

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