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Acts 26:14,What does it mean to kick against the pricks?

In the KJV


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    A large percentage of people in the first century were tillers of the soil. Oxen were used to work the soil. The prick or goad was a necessary devise. The prick was usually a wooden shaft with a pointed spike (prick) at one end. The man working the ox would position the goad in such a way as to exert influence and control over the ox. You see, if the ox refused the command indicated by the farmer, the goad would be used to jab or prick the ox. Sometimes the ox would refuse this incentive by kicking out at the prick. As result, the prick would be driven deeper into the flesh of the rebellious animal. The more the animal rebelled, the more the animal suffered. Hence, the statement to Saul: "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." (Saul was rebelling against God.)

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    Kick Against The Goads

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    Paul had been bothered by his concience for some time concerning Jesus and His disciples. As a Pharasee, he saw them as a dangerous, perhaps even heretical, splinter group, yet the Holy Spirit had been trying to get his attention concerning the truth. He was resisting that truth until Jesus confronted him on the road to Damascus.

    Jesus was using a common illustration from everyday life in that part of the world. Even today, in countries where horses and oxen are still used to pull wagons and carts, the driver will often have a stick with a sharp point on one end, with which he will jab the animal's rump now and then to keep it moving quickly. Sometimes, the horse or ox will kick back in response - kicking against the pricks.

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    Why would the Lord borrow words from Dionysus? See "The Bacchae" - Euripides (485–406 B.C.) Festus claimed that Paul's much learnedness drove him mad. Festus recognized the Greek tragedy.

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    Jesus said it to paul. paul was a jew raised as a pharisee who thought he was serving God by slaughtering the infant Christian church. he was blinded and Jesus said it is hard for you to kick against the goads/pricks, meaning it is hard for you saul to continue what you are doing now that you know what you have been doing is wrong... i.e. because you know now with your own eyes and ears that Christ is the God of israel.

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    Thank you folks, I am doing a theology degree and this is a great answer cheers

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    The word "prick" meant to sting or to goad.

    Does that help?

    May God bless you as you study His Word


    Source(s): King James Bible
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    to go against what you know is right

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