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What job can you get after the military without a college degree?

I'm 22 and a veteran of the Maryland Army National Guard. I was Military Police and was deployed in Afghanistan for 15 months. I just got back to the states and am in inactive duty right now. My final rank was E-5 Sergeant.

I'm living with my girlfriend right now but I don't have a job. What decent paying job can I get with my experience? I know my profile isn't so appealing except for the military experience.

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    Just being in the military, will ot help you get any job.

    You have to have job skills to get a job.

    About the only job being a MP will help you with, is if you apply to be a police officer of sheriffs deputy.

    Even then, you will still have to attend your states law enforcement academy.

    I didn't mention security guard, because they just do not pay enough to be a real job.

    But something you might wanna look into,

    The Department of Energy has security guards that are professional.

    IE: well trained and paid.

    To guard nuclear material during transport, guard nuclear sites, power plants, etc.

    You might look into them.

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    Being an MP gives you TONS of options! Security guard, cop, all the kinda stuff. Plus, the military background looks good on an application anywhere that you apply. Hope you find something!

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    places like the FBI, secret provider or CIA require a 4 year degree for specific agent. yet, federal regulation enforcement companies which contain CIA Police, FBI Police, Capital Police, US Park Police, Amtrak Police and secret provider Uniform branch how ever do no longer require a level. it extremely is favorite, yet no longer required. You armed forces experience will fairly make you stand out. I used to artwork for Amtrak Police and went to the academy with FBI Police, US Mint Police, Pentagon Police, and SSUD.

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    I really can't believe you haven't looked into law enforcement. I am sure the Maryland State Troopers would love to have you.

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    I agree with other posters. If I were you, I would take advantage of the GI-bill and go to school. It is hard to find a job with today's economy. Good luck and thanks for your service!

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