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feeder fish question..................?

what fish can eat feeder fish?

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    Most fish with a mouth large enough will eat other fish. Typically in the hobby there are ethical concerns of feeding live fish, but mostly concerns with feeder fish are that they are pretty poor nutrition for predators (think vitamin deficiency) and that the feeders are so mishandled that they are susceptible or already have a disease which they can pass on to your fish or entire tank. If you decide to get a large fish for the reason of seeing it eat other fish, please have a large tank and powerful filtration and treat the feeders like pets until you know they are clean from disease and gut-load (feed like heck) them just before feeding your bigger fish so that the food they just ate is now in your big fish.

    Most cichlids and catfish that grow large can eat feeders. But please do some research before buying anything.

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    Oscars, Jack Dempsy's most of the mid to large sized chichlids will eat feeder fish. Then there's always the Pirannah.

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    Any other fish that can fit the feeder fish into it's mouth. Will be able to eat it.

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    kinda nasty but any fish bigger then the other

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