whats better PC or MAC???????

Whats Better a PC or a Mac and why...

What kinds of things can you do on the Mac that you cant do on a PC?? Which one do you think is better..

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    It really irritates me when misinformed people give out their opinions which aren't in the least bit objective.

    If by better, you mean whats cheaper, or more hassle free for things like compatibility, then in most peoples eyes it will be PC... Bear in mind though that compatibility issues are a thing of the past... Macs can read virtually every file type and removeable device compatible with windows. As for games, source1. Reliability? I have a macbook running OS9 and my dad even has an original macintosh which turns on. Peace of mind? Why is you don't get Applelive oneCare? come to think of it... how many viruses do you get for windows that you dont get for mac. Productivity? the youtube vid is pretty informative but the part explaining windows flip 3d versus mac exposé illustrates this point. Not to mention the 2, 3 and 4 finger gesture capabilities of their trackpads. Even though pcs dominate the market in terms of quantity, you forget that macs are the most present computers where it counts.. education commerce and industry. Hell even at my work in an electrical store we use Linux citrix instead of windows. And on top of all that, macs are sexy mofo's

    Having said all that... I prefer my toshiba U400 running vista for reasons i wont bother mentioning but having had use of macs I actually know the pros and cons of both.. Personally I prefer a windows computer but macs have so many more things going for them.

    And to my shocking suprise, mac_fixit has already been given **** ratings for his answer for doing nothing more than highlight USPs of mac without slating windows... just goes to show the kind of unenlightened users that windows clearly has

  • dvskv
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    You can't go wrong and I personally recommend Dell! There are hidden long-run costs that one does not initially see when you purchase a Notebook PC other than Dell, HP or IBM and later encounter difficulties or attempt buying replacement parts like a battery, or say a keyboard etc.

    Also if you're buying for college then I do NOT recommend a Notebook PC bigger than 15.4" bec we have 3 DELLs incl a larger 17" Notebook PC and the larger ones are nice but much too heavy to lug around campus as well as too big for lecture hall desks in college...

    I mentioned we own 3 Dell Notebook PCs and why I recommend DELL, HP or IBM for those living in the United States is that those 3 particular PC Notebook manufacturers literally supply all the business Notebook PCs to the major corporations and Government so replacement parts are readily available esp on EBAY at even a more reasonable price than the manufacturer website. Thus in the long run, being able to get the exact replacement part extends the life on your investment.

    FYI my 1st Notebook PC was Gateway bec I couldn't afford Dell at the time and what a mistake is was when I needed to purchase a new Notebook battery <= costly bec not readily available like Dells... and FYI I also ran into a similar problem when attempting to upgrade the memory.

    Note if you are looking for DELL bargains, then visit their DELL OUTLET site...


    Hope Above Info Helps!

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    quote from some comments from: http://www.surfloft.com/discussion/2009/01/mac-or-...

    *Most Computer game available on PC not Mac, or it would take you half year just to wait.

    *For security reason, i select PC. A PC with Antivirus is definately a lot "stronger" than a mac and hardly hacked.

    But reasons to choose over Mac :

    *Microsoft Vista is a big failure so do the internet explorer...

    *As for style, it look alot prettier than any laptop

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I run a Macintosh - and I've never had a thought in my head about a virus. I don't have virus software - don't concern myself with it - never had one. Macintosh has been designed to be easy to use.

    But PC's have taken the whole look of Macintosh now, so they rank as a lousy Macintosh. Nothing works quite as well as a real Macintosh.

    The problem is Macintosh are twice as much money as a PC - there's lots of games and stuff that you can't get - stuff on the Internet which works for your friends doesn't work for you.... Little stuff.

    Used to be that Macintosh keyboards and mouses were bullet proof - but they're now garbage. I've been through two keyboards and they're horribly expensive.

    Not sure what to tell you - choose wisely though. Macintosh is nice - I love mine - but there are those problems. If you want to fit in with the crowd - it's a cheap PC for you. If it gets a virus and dies - throw it out and get another.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What can you do with a Mac that you can't with a PC? NOTHING. You can say the opposite though,and a PC cost half the money.

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    Mac all the way, PC has alot of internal problems number one being um...let me think it doesn't work! Especially if you are doing complex computing. For something simple like writing papers, playing some low quality games PC works fine. For everything else there is mac.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can run window on a mac

    I would go with a mac book pro if you have the money

    The processor in a mac is motorola

    you idiot not intel

  • 1 decade ago

    PC is better

    umm, on a mac u cant game

    on a mac u overpay for your computer

    on a mac u are getting half a computer

    on a mac u are getting screwed over

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    PC. The only thing Mac has going for it is that it is less prone to viruses.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No viruses on a Mac and YES you can game on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro as they both come with Nvidia graphics which replaces the old Intel Chipset.

    On your brand new Mac you can edit videos in iMovie09

    Make music in Garage band 09

    buy music from the iTunes Store

    chat and make crazy pics with iChat and PhotoBooth

    Guide to Mac Leopard here


    The MacBook also has the multi touch mouse pad


    Macs run Microsoft Office:mac


    iWork09 from Apple which works with MS office


    All Macs can also run Windows with Bootcamp,


    which contrary to some opinions DOESN’T run Windows slowly.

    You can also develop apps for the Mac or iPhone with the iPhone SDK


    Or you can download OpenOffice3.0


    which is native to Mac and FREE

    - it works with MS Office too.

    All Macs come with iLife09


    PhotoBooth and Garage Band and Safari web browser.

    There is also HEAPs of FREE stuff for Mac





    Source(s): Mac user since 2000.
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