discrimination against native americans?

i need to know ;;

the social discrimination of them

the economic discrimination

the political discrimination

what has been done in the way of discrimination?

what still needs to be done?


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    Well here is an answer I gave on a different question. A bit education on Native American history.

    Thousands of Native American men and women were sterilized right up to the 1980s. Even though the investigations began in the late 1970s

    A Look at the Indian Health Service Policy of Sterilization, 1972-1976


    A History of Governmental Coerced Sterilization: The Plight of the Native American Woman

    Native Americans have played a vital role in the economic conditions of the United States. Every year, Native American tribes contribute significantly to the overall energy production of the U.S. In 1997 alone Native Americans supplied 32 million tons of coal, 270 million mcf of gas, 15 million barrels of oil and 5.5 million tons of construction aggregate.

    In the same year tribal businesses contributed to the lumber industry by harvesting 650 million board feet of timber. They have reforested more than 14,000 acres and completed forest improvements on an additional 66,625 acres of land.

    Native Americans also have made an impact on the fishery programs, and release more than 40 million young salmon and steelhead trout in the Pacific Northwest every year.

    Tribal businesses have contributed to $10 billion in wage and salary income to the United States and created more than 300,000 jobs. This has generated more than $4-6 billion in federal tax revenue annually. The Native American art and craft industry generates more than $1 billion every year.

    On the state and local government levels, tribal communities contribute $246 million in tax revenues annually, and the combined purchases of goods from reservations total $5.5 billion on an annual basis.

    CASINO CORPORATIONS saw a way to expand their business ventures via loophole in the law, by establishing casinos on Native American land. Basically, Casino agreements are between the CASINO CORPORATION & the STATE. The CASINO CORPORATIONS and the STATE gets the “lions share” of the profits. The CORPORATIONS percentage is often 60% or more.

    The agreements give the tribes the exclusive right to operate slot machines. In return, each tribe must contribute 25% of "gross slot machine revenue" to the state monthly. If either tribe's contribution falls below $80 million in any year, its rate increases to 30% in order to ensure a combined $160 million minimum annual contribution


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    We need to be considered for who we really are, the known caretakers of this land, by the Great Creator, The Great Father, GOD. We also need to have the history books to portray what the truth is on how we had lived her for thousands of years. Not stole anyone's lands. The day Christopher Columbus came here was the worst day of all Native Americans lives. Because the White people took everything that was Sacred to us and killed all our people or jailed the rest. The exterminated us in our own lands. They took all the good and best lands for themselves, and put us on the deserted worst land available. It was the only lands they didn't want. We need to be acknowledged for being so good about not retaliating now about the wrongs that have been done to our Ancestors.

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    in spite of the actuality that in the present day it extremely is greater powerful than interior the previous, there are nonetheless lots of people who brazenly discriminate against interior of reach individuals. a lot of human beings do no longer in undemanding terms like the actuality that we are allowed to construct casinos on our land. and that they think of we are all getting prosperous off the proceeds of the casinos. nicely it ain't happening. the money from casinos quite often replaces funds that the "tribes" used to get from the federal government. And maximum "tribes" use the salary to construct hospitals, dialisys centers, greater powerful housing, etc etc. in spite of everything is asserted and achieved the guy "tribal" member would not see lots of that funds. and prefer it replaced into observed alot human beings have chosen to stay off the reservations, we carry jobs purely like everybody else, and pay taxes etc etc. however the biggest insult to us comes from our very own Federal government, who makes us carry around a card that asserts we are "indian". No different race/ethnic team interior the international has to try this!!! Now reckoning on what you term as discrimination there may be distinctive different issues.

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