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Why are we to believe that all this evolotion happened in the past?

All these evolutionists tell me that all the species alive today are here because they came from other animals and such. But you know what? They never point to any instances where this evolution has happened in our time. They always say it happened long ago. "Long ago and far away," they say. You can always tell that something is a fairy tail when it starts with those words.

All around us we see fish producing fish, birds producing birds, people producing people, and monkeys producing monkeys. Nothing ever morphs into something else. Why?

They usually tell us to look in the fossil record. But even there we don't see this transformation. All we see are complete species. They say dinos evolved into birds, but we don't find any half bird half dinosaor things in the record. Why?

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    You were given the following answer to a similar question by "The Tao of Atheism" just a week ago, You chose to ignore it and selected one other answer that coincided with your preconceived ideas.

    Claim CB910:

    No new species have been observed.


    1. New species have arisen in historical times. For example:

    * A new species of mosquito, isolated in London's Underground, has speciated from Culex pipiens (Byrne and Nichols 1999; Nuttall 1998).

    * Helacyton gartleri is the HeLa cell culture, which evolved from a human cervical carcinoma in 1951. The culture grows indefinitely and has become widespread (Van Valen and Maiorana 1991).

    A similar event appears to have happened with dogs relatively recently. Sticker's sarcoma, or canine transmissible venereal tumor, is caused by an organism genetically independent from its hosts but derived from a wolf or dog tumor (Zimmer 2006; Murgia et al. 2006).

    * Several new species of plants have arisen via polyploidy (when the chromosome count multiplies by two or more) (de Wet 1971). One example is Primula kewensis (Newton and Pellew 1929).

    2. Incipient speciation, where two subspecies interbreed rarely or with only little success, is common. Here are just a few examples:

    * Rhagoletis pomonella, the apple maggot fly, is undergoing sympatric speciation. Its native host in North America is Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.), but in the mid-1800s, a new population formed on introduced domestic apples (Malus pumila). The two races are kept partially isolated by natural selection (Filchak et al. 2000).

    * The mosquito Anopheles gambiae shows incipient speciation between its populations in northwestern and southeastern Africa (Fanello et al. 2003; Lehmann et al. 2003).

    * Silverside fish show incipient speciation between marine and estuarine populations (Beheregaray and Sunnucks 2001).

    3. Ring species show the process of speciation in action. In ring species, the species is distributed more or less in a line, such as around the base of a mountain range. Each population is able to breed with its neighboring population, but the populations at the two ends are not able to interbreed. (In a true ring species, those two end populations are adjacent to each other, completing the ring.) Examples of ring species are

    * the salamander Ensatina, with seven different subspecies on the west coast of the United States. They form a ring around California's central valley. At the south end, adjacent subspecies klauberi and eschscholtzi do not interbreed (Brown n.d.; Wake 1997).

    * greenish warblers (Phylloscopus trochiloides), around the Himalayas. Their behavioral and genetic characteristics change gradually, starting from central Siberia, extending around the Himalayas, and back again, so two forms of the songbird coexist but do not interbreed in that part of their range (Irwin et al. 2001; Whitehouse 2001; Irwin et al. 2005).

    * the deer mouse (Peromyces maniculatus), with over fifty subspecies in North America.

    * many species of birds, including Parus major and P. minor, Halcyon chloris, Zosterops, Lalage, Pernis, the Larus argentatus group, and Phylloscopus trochiloides (Mayr 1942, 182-183).

    * the American bee Hoplitis (Alcidamea) producta (Mayr 1963, 510).

    * the subterranean mole rat, Spalax ehrenbergi (Nevo 1999).

    4. Evidence of speciation occurs in the form of organisms that exist only in environments that did not exist a few hundreds or thousands of years ago. For example:

    * In several Canadian lakes, which originated in the last 10,000 years following the last ice age, stickleback fish have diversified into separate species for shallow and deep water (Schilthuizen 2001, 146-151).

    * Cichlids in Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria have diversified into hundreds of species. Parts of Lake Malawi which originated in the nineteenth century have species indigenous to those parts (Schilthuizen 2001, 166-176).

    * A Mimulus species adapted for soils high in copper exists only on the tailings of a copper mine that did not exist before 1859 (Macnair 1989).

    There is further evidence that speciation can be caused by infection with a symbiont. A Wolbachia bacterium infects and causes postmating reproductive isolation between the wasps Nasonia vitripennis and N. giraulti (Bordenstein and Werren 1997).

    5. Some young-earth creationists claim that speciation is essential to explain Noah's ark. The ark was not roomy enough to carry and care for all species, so speciation is invoked to explain how the much fewer "kinds" aboard the ark became the diversity we see today. Also, some species have special needs that could not have been met during the flood (e.g., fish requiring fresh water). Creationists assume that they evolved from other, more tolerant organisms since the Flood. (Woodmorappe 1996)


    Kimball, John W., 2003. Speciation.

    Stassen, C. et al., 1997. Some more observed speciation events.

    He was good enough to give you those, which you could have followed up using Google Scholar or PubMed, yet you chose to ignore them or attributed them to some supposed world wide "conspiracy" against "Bible-believing Christians"

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    Evolution, which occurs via minor changes in genome structure over generations, isn't generally visible in species that only reproduce as slowly as most animals do. In species that do reproduce at a fast rate, these changes can be easily identified when two groups of the same species are seperated.

    Animals "morphing" into other animals isn't something that evolution predicts and it would actually go against most natural laws. And of course we only see "complete" species, half an animalisn't going to live long is it now, and it's not what evolution predicts either.

    Dinosaurs, specifically therapods, were known to have feathers and extremely similar bone structure to birds, even so far as having quilbarbs on forelimbs and sharing collagen proteins with modern birds. What would it take for you to accept that it's a highly plausible explanation for the appearance of birds?

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    It doesn't always take millennia to happen. If the environment changes quickly enough the selection pressures for even the smallest variations are enormous. Peter and Rosemary Grant have witnessed this happening within only a few generations of birds on the same Galapagos Islands that Darwin visited. They were both amazed and delighted to see this, as it was unexpected in larger animals, but here it is:

    Read it and learn something besides what Bronze Age peasants thought they knew about the world.

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    The fossil record is the weakest of all Evolutionist arguments. Thats why we have the term "missing link." Its still missing. The truth is if Evolution were true we should see "living" transitional forms everywhere. We should see half bird half reptile - half monkey/men all over the shop. For any species to have evolved the preceding evolutionary steps would need to successful and should still be extant today. Guess what - We don't even have one living example let alone the bankrupcy in the fossil record.

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    Um, no offense, but you really should keep up on science. See, that's the thing about science -- new information is constantly being added through observation, experimentation, fossil finds, etc. First: there is no "belief" in evolution. Either you accept the huge mountain of evidence that shows evolution to be a correct way of explaining the origins and diversity of life on earth, or you don't. It's not belief, it's logic and reason. If you "believe" in it, then you've missed the point entirely. Second: there have actually been quite a few "missing links" found (there's that "keep up" part). The scientific base for evolution is one of the strongest in science, as well-founded as Newton's theory of gravity. Do you "not believe" in gravity? Fine, you can choose not to believe if you want -- but you're still gonna get pulled down to earth :) I think many people here don't understand how science works. Hypotheses and ideas that aren't supported by evidence are VERY QUICKLY discarded by science. No scientists wants to waste his career chasing after false hypotheses. And every bit of data, observational evidence, results from fossil finds, and genetic evidence is independently verified by LOTS of other scientists several times over before being accepted as real. If evolution did a poor job of explaining the origin and diversity of life on this planet, it would have been abandoned long, long ago. Instead, over 150 years it has proven time and time and time again to match observational and fossil evidence, and found to be correct. That during that entire 150 year period not a single serious challenge to evolution by natural selection has withstood scrutiny has led well over 99% of all scientists (and 100% of biological scientists who actually study evolution) to conclude that it is a FACT, just like gravity. But don't let the opinion of scientists decide the issue for you, go out and catch up on the evidence for yourself, and reach a logical conclusion. Then you can leave illogical, superstitious, and uninformed "belief" behind. Happy Solstice :)

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    Evolution is not as sudden as you think it to be. It's a very long process for one type of creature to evolve into another. One will be born with a slight difference, and if that difference is beneficial, then it will pass on to generations. Somewhere along the line another being will be born with a new slight difference, and so on and so forth.

    It's not like a monkey gave birth to a human. It takes millions of years for a noticeable difference. Also, there are a lot of transitional fossils in existence.

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    Silly, we do have the fossils of half dinosaurs, half bird! And a million years is hard time to conceptualize. You are right, nothing morphs into something else and yes, all animals are complete. Do you really expect to see half formed animals? Small Changes over millions and millions of years describes evolution.

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    Just so you know they have found a transitional fossil of what looks like a dinosaur with feathers and wings.

    Also evolution is not random modern species turning into each other, it's that modern species can trace it's origins back to very general ones that aren't as specialized.

    I mean if you just took 2 seconds to google Dinosaur Bird, you would have found it.

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    evolution isnt anything you'll be able to notice it was happening and is still happening at a very slow rate, but if you stop being so sure that it doesnt exist and talk to an archaeologist or someone with real knowledge on the topic im sure theyl'd be happy to run you through the evolution of a creature through the millenia

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    Don't you ever tire of making a complete fool of yourself. You've been posting the same drivel on this board for over a year now and have consistently have had people demonstrate that you are a complete moron.

    Most people would eventually grow weary of embarrassing themselves. But you are just one helluva dedicated soldier for stupidity.

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