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how will people try to be like queen Elizabeth?

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    Which Queen Elizabeth ???


    * Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (born 1926)

    * Elizabeth I of England, reigned 1558–1603


    * Elizabeth of Aragon (1271–1336), queen consort of Portugal

    * Elisabeth of Poznan (1286–1335), queen consort of Bohemia and Poland

    * Elizabeth de Burgh (1289–1327), queen consort of Scotland

    * Elisabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330), queen consort of Bohemia

    * Elizabeth of Bosnia (1340–1387), queen consort of Hungary and Poland

    * Elisabeth of Bohemia (1409–1442), queen consort of the Romans, Hungary, and Bohemia

    * Elizabeth Woodville (1437–1492), queen consort of England

    * Elizabeth of York (1466–1503), queen consort of England

    * Elisabeth of Austria (d. 1505) (1435/36/37–1505), queen consort of Poland

    * Elisabeth of Bavaria (1837–1898), queen consort of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia

    * Elisabeth of Wied (1843–1916), queen consort of Romania

    * Elisabeth of Bavaria (1876–1965), queen consort of the Belgians

    * Elisabeth of Romania (1894–1956), queen consort of the Hellenes

    * Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002), queen consort of the United Kingdom (The Queen Mother)

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    The King,George VI purely fathered 2 females ,Elizabeth and Margaret,with Elizabeth being the eldest she inherited the Throne,had she a brother youthful or elder HE may be inheritor to the Throne . So with the the King loss of life in 1952 ,Elizabeth his daughter grew to become Queen,she grew to become into crowned in 1953 ,and that i undergo in techniques it properly,uninteresting to computer screen while your an 9yr previous lad ,yet a brilliant highway social gathering afterwards !

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