Does anyone know how to make GOOD fresh hashbrown and jo jo potatoes?

Does anyone know how to make GOOD fresh hashbrown and jo jo potatoes? I've tried several times, but they end up sticky and horrible (even with hot oil and rinsing of the starch!) I must be missing something.

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    Deluxe Potatoes, a.k.a. Jo Jo Potatoes

    - 60g (1/4 cup) butter, melted

    - 1kg (2 pounds) baking potatoes (in France, use charlottes), scrubbed but not peeled

    - 80g (2/3 cup) flour

    - 60g (2 ounces) parmesan or other aged hard cheese, freshly and finely grated

    - 2 teaspoons whole mustard seeds, crushed in a mortar

    - 1 1/2 teaspoons celery salt (or celery seeds ground with sea salt)

    - 1 tablespoon paprika or smoked paprika

    - 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground chile pepper, to taste

    - Freshly ground black pepper

    Serves 4 to 6; the recipe can be halved.

    Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Grease a rimmed cookie sheet or jelly roll pan with the melted butter, and slip it into the oven to preheat.

    Combine the flour, cheese, and seasonings (from mustard seeds to black pepper) in a large freezer bag.

    Cut the potatoes lengthwise in wedges, 4 or 6 wedges per potato depending on its girth. Try to make evenly sized wedges so they will all bake at the same speed. Do not rinse or pat the potatoes after cutting them; you want them to retain a film of starch on their cut sides.

    Add the potatoes to the bag, close the bag tightly, and shake well to coat the potatoes on all sides. (There will be some flour mixture leftover; it will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks.)

    Place the potatoes, flesh side down, on the preheated cookie sheet. Bake for 30 minutes, flip, and bake for another 30 minutes, until cooked through and golden. Sprinkle with a little sea salt and serve.

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    Jo Jo Potatoes

    Category: Potato Wedges

    Serves/Makes: 2 | Difficulty Level: 2 | Ready In: 30-60 minutes


    4 potatoes

    1/4 butter

    1 cup bread crumbs

    1/2 teaspoon paprika

    salt & pepper


    Cut potatoes into wedges with skins. Dip in melted butter. Combine breadcrumb, paprika, salt & pepper and coat potatoes. Bake at 425 degrees F for 35-40 minutes.

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    Hashbrowns Recipe - Fried Just Like The Diner

    By John T Pratt

    Hashbrowns Recipe - how to make perfect homemade hashbrowns each and every time with my foolproof recipe that your family will love every time you serve it!

    I've been making hash browns for the family for years, and I have to admit that my recipe wasn't always the best. I can remember when I was just a kid having my grandma make homemade hash browns and they would be so crispy and perfect each and every time, just like her fried potatoes. Also, I remember trips to the local diner or Big Boy for breakfast and every time you get these delicious toasty brown crispy edged hash browns that were so juicy and yummy inside. I'm going to teach you how to make the perfect hash browns each and every time!

    Before you start make sure that you have an adequate pan which is either cast iron and well used or a modern large saucepan skillet with teflon coating. If you don't have a good pan these hash browns will never turn out quite right.

    What you will need for recipe ingredients:

    * About 8 medium to large russet potatoes

    * A good grater with about 1/8"-1/4" holes

    * salt and pepper to taste

    * Canola Oil or Crisco Shortening

    * 1 cup diced onion (or green pepper) if you prefer

    In a large mixing bowl shred the potatoes with a grater. I prefer with the skins on (which gives you tons of Iron and is great for your body), others in the family like them better peeled. When you're down to your last potato put your skillet on the stove and turn on the heat to med-high (just below high). Toss in your onion and green pepper if desired into the shredded potatoes. Every now and then I'll add some minced or fresh garlic. Add about 3/4 cup of either canola oil or crisco shortening to the pan (I prefer shortening). There is NO subsitute for these - butter WILL NOT work (it burns off too fast). Once the oil is hot, turn the pan from side to side evenly coating, and then carefully dump the shredded potatoes in the pan (without splashing yourself with hot grease). Salt and pepper them in the pan to taste.

    Let them cook uncovered in the pan for 5-6 minutes without turning or touching in any way. Then divide into 4 sections with your spatula (as in the picture above) and flip one at a time. Salt and pepper again if desired. Let cook uncovered another 5-7 minutes and you should be done just like the picture.

    The secret to perfect hash browns is a good pan, the temperature of the heat, using oil or shortening (and not butter) - but most importantly only turning them one time! This ensures the crispy texture that you expect from a perfect has brown recipe!

    About the Author:

    John Pratt writes on his blog JTPratt's Blogging Mistakes, but his love of cooking keeps him writing for Free Online Recipes by Kieli! Catch him texting on his latest used cell phone!

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    I've not had good luck with homemade hashbrowns. This is because there's too much moisture in the potatoes. I've seen places say you need to blot the shredded potatoes dry with paper towels.

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