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Does Proactol alter the effectiveness of birth control pills?

I'm thinking about supplementing Proactol into my diet. Does anyone know if it affects birth control pills or not? Specifically, the minipill? Thanks.

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    I honestly can't see how it could, but why not check with your GP?

    Proactol binds to fat, and there are a couple of good fats that Proactol binds with as well, so you should take a daily vitamin... That said progestin isnt a fat so it shouldnt be effected.

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    1 decade ago

    sounds like proactol is just a fat binder and works specifically in the gut. don't know much about if absorbed or not or whether it prevents absorption of the BC. There are no clinical studies that show data, and since it's not regulated by the FDA no one reports if it does fail. I would error on the side of caution with any dietary supplement, weight loss pills, or herbals. Hate to be the one to find out!

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