I'm visiting Boston March 13-15th, and I've been there numerous times, so I've done all the well attractions,?

but can someone suggest things to do that may be unique? Something that not all the first time tourists in the city would do.

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    My personal favorite -- the Adams Homestead in Quincy. Amazing. The guide said the collection was worth $1 billion, she might have been too low.

    Any of the Harvard museums (Glass Flowers), the Gardner Museum, some galleries on Newbury Street, the new ICA. Chinatown grocery stores. The Rose Art museum at Brandeis, which might not be there for long. The Maparium at the Christian Science Center. The Harrison Gray Otis House. The Gibson House. The case of emmys, oscars, etc. in the Library at BU. The Tiffany Windows at Arlington Street Church.

    Oh -- and the water shuttle between the Charlestown Navy Yard and Long Wharf. Cheapest best harbor cruise around. Only $2.00.

    Source(s): I live here.
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    there are a number of good issues to do in and around boston. One concept is the Museum of technology. The blue guy team is amazing. i think of they play on the wang theatre, im undecided. yet another couple is the liberty path which will conceal countless historic sites, and there is that this place called Tomb, i think of that it extremely is in kenmore sq., nicely it extremely is close to fenway park it extremely is a relaxing interactive reveal. in case you like shooting I recomend the Arnold Arboritum. there are a number of different wood and such. ultimately bypass to fort island in south boston, (it is not an island yet while the fort there replaced into in use it probally replaced into). there's a cafe with inexpensive boston grub. i discussed the fort, which you will get loose excursions. you may get some great photographs of boats interior the boston harbor, planes taking off and touchdown at logan airport, and a few photos of the boston skyline. i'm hoping this has given you some strategies of issues to do in boston.

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    Well, I am not sure if it will be open by March 13th, and you will need a car to get there, but Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA is one of the better kept secrets around:


    It is New England's own little Grand Canyon. And nobody knows about it. And nobody really knows what event created it. Ages ago.

    Telephone: (508) 234-3733

    Some pics:


    Take your cam!

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    If you've done all the well known tourist stuff, then I guess that makes you a local.

    Go to boston.com, "things to do" put in the dates under the "when" option to see what your choices for things to do would be if you lived here.

    If it was me - I'd go Bruins and or Celtics assuming they are in town.

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