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Is it normal for dogs to throw up their food, and eat it again?

I'm taking care of a dog and she just threw up a whole ton of food and ate it again. Is this okay? Is it okay for her to throw up now and again? Should I stop her from eating it?

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    I think this is a pretty normal thing if this was the situation: After she ate, she ran around; thus, upsetting her stomach, which led to her getting sick. I honestly think a lot of dogs--as nasty as it is--eat their vomit after it has been thrown up. She's not going to die from eating her throw up, but just be careful and make sure that after she eats, that she has at least thirty minutes for it to settle before she starts running around and playing.

    I have a 4 yr old female Boxer, and she always gets sick after eating if she rough-houses shortly afterward.

    Hope this helped!

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  • 1 decade ago pup threw up one time because he over stuffed himself. He tried to start eating it again but i was able to get him away from it and clean it up before he did. From what i've heard dogs do try to do this. The fact he threw up all dog food could be either from eating to much or the dog food just doesn't agree with him. Keep an eye on him and if he continues to throw up make a call to the vet.

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    Dogs are like people, of course they're going to throw up every now and again. However, it's always good to take pictures (I'm serious) and show them to the vet in case something could be wrong. She probably regurgitated her food due to eating too much, it happens. I wouldn't be concerned, if all she threw up was dog food at least.

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    Even though its really unpleasant to see them do this, many dogs will eat the food again. Especially if its just come up after they just ate it. Try to feed her a little less so she doesn't gorge herself, a couple small meals - that may help her keep it down.

    If she throws it up again, clean it up if you can and don't let her re-eat it. Wait about an hour or so then give her a little bit more food (smaller amount than the usual portion).

    It's probably just excitement.

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    Pretty common. It is caused by the dog eating to fast and trapping air below the food. Put a big rock in the center of the dogs dish so that it has to eat around it.

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    yes it is i had a dog and he did it all the time

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    yes its normal but not good to let them do it

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