Why is so many People PRESSED on James Harrison And Larry Fitzgerald being an ELITE Players right now?

Really? Its funny how all these clowns now see one NFL player have a good year and there all of a sudden the BEST! Come on

Harrison started his career in 2002. He started games since 2003. So over 5 seasons he has 28.5 sacks. That's an average of 5.7 sacks a season. He has 3 picks. WOW real impressive if you ask me. He gets used as a pass rusher almost every down w/ the steelers of course he will put up good stats. ANYONE WOULD. Its what the 3-4 defense is about. He has 14 forced fumbles over 5 seasons.

And when he has a really solid defense make opportunities for him easier then yes he will have a good year. But saying that he is a great elite linebacker and among the best is a JOKE! Why do some people base One or two seasons them being the best at their Position?

As Far as Fitzgerald

He has averaged over his 5 seasons of play 1,195 yards a season. He averages 9.2 touchdowns a season. Plus he has Boldin who draws away defenders all day which leaves him open most times.

Oh and those jump balls. He only had about 6 of those during the season.

Im not saying these players are bad, but there not elite's yet.


And the JC penny joke was real funny. Dont be mad cause your a fat hog and no one wants to see u with ur shirt off. I was told by request to have that pic up by some females. Do you know what those are? probably not.

Update 2:

If im not mistaken wasnt priest holmes the BEST at one time. WASNT LT the best at one time but now darren sproles is? Shaun Alexander best at one time but now is adrian peterson. WOW. Its the media for you fools.

Oh and jerry rice. He actually only played 17 full seasons. If you take those stats he averaged 1253.52 yds per season and 10.05 tds a season. And thats over 17 seasons NOT 5 with Fitzgerald. And I didnt include one season when Jerry Rice only played only 12 games and had 22 tds and 1078 yards. But sure if you want to add those games when he played for the raiders and seattle then sure.

Fitzgerald is not being able to be marked as HOF bound nor with James Harrison. Fitzgerald is good but not ELITE. Randy Moss is ELITE. He has proven it. T.O is Elite and he has proven it. As much as you hate it he is.

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    Wow, major EPIC FAIL! James Harrison hasn't been a starter since 2003. He was on the Steelers PS from 2002-2003,until he was released, then picked up by Baltimore in 2003 and they sent him to NFL Europe, only to be cut later. In 2004 the Steelers signed him again because of injury to LB Clark Haggans, and he sat behind Joey Porter and only really got started when Joey left in 2007. His first start came in 2004 when Joey got ejected before a game against the Browns, and he only started 3 games in 2005, because of injuries to Clark. He's only been a starter for 2 seasons, and a damn good one at that. As for him being an elite LB, I'd wait a couple of years, because there have been lots of great LBs, so as of now, it's hard to say.

    As for Fitz, look who he's had throwing to him for the past 5 seasons: Josh McCown (for the first couple of years), Matt Leinart, who gained and lost his job to Kurt Warner. And he still puts up impressive numbers with one good (well, this past season) QB and two crap ones. In fact, most WRs don't usually make that kind of impact right away, it usually takes until about season 3. Larry Fitzgerald is one of, if not the best WR on the field today.

    That's my 2 for 2.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have to disagree.

    While Harrison took a few years to make an impact on the Steelers D, he is not the first player to struggle through the early part of his career. Over the past 2 seasons, Harrison has averaged 12.25 sacks per season. I'd say he has arrived. Lawrence Taylor only had 1 interception in his career... was he overrated? Outside linebackers in 3-4 defenses are trained to be pass rushers... not coverage specialists. I do agree that his stats are ever so slightly inflated because of the defense he plays on, but I am confident that he would still put up near 10 sacks a season with any other 3-4 defense.

    You're shooting yourself in the foot with Larry Fitzgerald. You point out that he has averaged nearly 1,200 yards a season and just over 9 touchdowns a season over the last 5 years (his entire career), yet you are trying to argue that he's not amongst the elite? Please, list the other receivers that have put up these numbers over the last 5 seasons... are there any? Having a career average of 1,200 yards and 9 TD's per season is not just amongst the elite receivers of today, but rather the elite receivers of all-time... I think you might want to rethink your argument.

    Just for the sake of reference:

    Jerry Rice averaged 1,145 yards and 9.85 TD's per season over his career.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) James Harrison had 16 sacks this season. He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Nobody has said he's always put up stellar numbers, but since his breakout season last year he has had 24.5 sacks. Thats more than anyone else int he league. Pittsburgh defense was also the #1 defense int he league this year and he was a major reason why.

    2) Larry Fitzgerald has made acrobatic catches that has been unheard of since the beginning of the NFL. He has the speed of Devin Hester and the Hands of Randy Moss. The man is going to be an absolutely force in upcoming years. Alongside Boldin, they are the best receiving core int he league.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Harrison has averaged 65 tackles since he was a starter. That's good for an inside linebacker in a 3-4. Elite? No, Your right, but he's got another 10 years at least, if these averages stay he'll be in Canton.

    As far as Fitz... He's elite.Prior to this season he's been on a poor team that didn't have a good QB, or couldn't protect the QB enough, or didn't have a running game to take the pressure off.

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    1 decade ago

    You don't know what your talking about. James Harrison has only started 2 years.

    2 YEARS because he was playing behind Joey Porter, one of the best outside linebackers. He is averaging about 15 Sacks per year. I won't call him "Elite" but he is

    -Back to Back Pro Bowls

    -Top 5 in Sacks the last couple years

    -MVP candidate

    -2 time Super Bowl winner

    -Consistent Game Breaker/Play maker


    As much as it PAINS YOU TO SAY IT, he is an elite Outside Linebacker. Name 5 OUTSIDE LINEBACKERS BETTER*****PROVE IT WITH STATISTICS**********

    And as far as Larry Fitz

    right now let's ask everyone

    Larry Fitz or Randy Moss on your team??

    32 year old vs 25 year old

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  • 1 decade ago

    First off let me start with Fitz. He is one of those players that must be accounted for at all times. And Boldin Draws his share of coverage, but he does not draw the majority. That Became obvious when you look at the ridiculous numbers all 3 receivers put up in Arizona. # 1,000 yrd. receivers = no coverage on one person.

    Harrison Is a good linebacker in the right system. 14 forced fumbles is a respectable number, and he performs on the biggest stages. He shows up in big nationally televised games. his nickname is "Mr. Monday night" And he was dominate this year.

    Not saying these guys are the best, but you would be hard pressed to find 2 better playing in a system that works for them.

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  • D
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    1 decade ago

    James Harrison I could agree with you...

    Fitzgerald though? He's long been in the elite in the NFL. Last season though was his metamorphosis from one of the best, to the best. Just because his numbers haven't been staggering, doesn't take away from his accomplishments. You have to remember he's played on the Cardinals. He hasn't had a decent quarterback throwing to him until last year, so the fact that he was noticed at all before then shows just how good he is. And if you want to see what happens to great receivers when they go to bad teams, look at Randy Moss in Oakland.

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  • cubit
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    3 years ago

    No, he's not. he's doubtless one in each and every of the final gamers. He nonetheless performed properly interior the ordinary season. And while Boldin grew to become into injured and out for some video games, he grew to become into nonetheless reliable. i do no longer think of Boldin is extra advantageous than Fitz, yet he continues to be reliable. yet he would be extra advantageous next 12 months. I wager extra defenses will double group Fitz next 12 months and Boldin gets his danger to place up some huge numbers. There are different receivers mutually with Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson who're additionally the multiple ultimate. the only reason they don't seem to be stated is using the fact they have in no way visited the playoffs till now and while they do and that they win, the media will additionally talk approximately them lots.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    alot of people would say there elite because the fact they have been stand outs the last year. but alot of people dont realize all the other players that help them out- harrison has the rest of the steeler defence -fitzgerald has boldin on the other side of the field to make defences spread out a little.in the end though they have talent and i would probly want them on my team either way.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You gotta realize that these guys are young. They haven't been great these past few years but now they finally show up. This is the beggining of their great careers and we are embracing that. Let football fans cheer on the players that they want to.

    And by the way Larry Fitzgerald is an AMAZING player. Why are you so pressed on people admiring his skill?

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