Is the united states an example of post colonial toponym?

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    As to the name United States itself, no, not quite, but rather is it more akin to a generic combination of ideals. The word 'states' is a political reference: in political science vernacular, 'states' is a term denoting countries or nations. In conception, the United States' council of founders fancied itself a conglomerate of independent "states" (or countries), which was why "states rights" was so hot an issue during the 18th and in particular 19th Century during the decades preceding, during, and following the Civil War.

    But, beneath the ideal itself rested what may be called indeed a toponymy. In its inception, the United States took in several traditions and sensibilities, adopting from several regions of the world, to wit: Greco-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Judeo-Christian; and then these were merged with already established regions and traditions extant in the then native North America: hence the many names and places in the United States whose names and lores are Native American in origin.

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