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14,000 Americans are Losing their Health Insurance daily ? how is it they're still using the 47 million number?

I listened to NPR on the way to work.. discussing Health Insurance and those not covered by it or having any insurance at all.. they used the familiar 47 million Americans number.. but the society of American Progress have posted a study showing that 14000 americans a day are losing coverage.. and have been for at least a year ?

So do the math..

can we ever get our heads around the issues if we never get a real accounting of what the issue is..

and isn't this typical in the way "we" Calculate societal statistics ?


I love it .. "The real Number uis Probably 10 Million" and there are people being hired everyday ?

News flash we're losing jobs, last month January the million plus Jobs that were lost were averaged against new Hire's .. and the current 14k number also takes into account new hires with Health Insurance..

It is a Net loss of 14k a day..

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    Maybe because this lobbying group is not also telling you how many Americans are gaining health insurance every day also?

    Do you really think that nobody is getting health insurance?

    You are getting 'spin.' That group is going to be selective in what they say in order to present the strongetst case possible.

    Source(s): This is an example of why you should always listen to what the other side is saying as well.
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    I have no idea (because I don't care) what the real numbers are. However, you are falsely assuming that there are no Americans gaining coverage while 14,000 are losing coverage. What did NPR say the number was for people starting new coverage each day?

    With unemployment numbers rising I am sure there are more people losing coverage than gaining coverage right now, but I doubt that each day ends with a net of 14,000 fewer people with health insurance.

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    Well actually that 47 million number, was not the number of americans without health insurance.

    It was the number of people in america without health insurance for at least one day, in the past year.

    It included both americans and foreign nationals, both legal and illegal living in the US.

    And notice, it was the number without health insurance for atleast " ONE DAY "

    Not for the entire year.

    The real actual number of americans without regualr health insurance benefits, is probally around 10 million or so.

    And while 14,000 per day might be losing health insurance, did that article say how many are gaining health insurance each day ?

    People are still being hired in the US everyday.

    You can go to the US Census webpage and research the actual numbers, just don't expect it to be easy.

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    No one can add that fast, I guess.

    This might be the only country where an economic crisis also turns into a health care crisis. It's reached critical mass in my opinion. Something must be done.

    I wonder how many of those uninsured are Republicans...

    "The whole world is in recession. But the United States is the only wealthy country in which the economic catastrophe will also be a health care catastrophe - in which millions of people will lose their health insurance along with their jobs, and therefore lose access to essential care. "

    By Paul Krugman in his article Health Care Now


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    The biggest measure of where a country's priorities are is in the health of its citizens.

    The for profit system is evil. Jesus knows it, Republicans deny it.

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    Washington likes us to stay confused. Its easier to BS us with phony statistics.

  • No matter how many stories I read in the papers about kids being stabbed in london, or the failure of our railways or postal service.... it does make me feel better that we have universal free healthcare in the UK

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    This isn't even news worthy. If you need insurance, go out and buy it. It's available for anyone to purchase.

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