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About raspberry swirl?

I am a English learner trying to understand oral English.I heard a song named raspberry the song the singer sang:if you want inside her well,boy you better make her raspberry swirl.

I don't know what this phrase means,and I've checked on the Yahoo Ask,it seems it is not a good phrase,does it mean seduce or smooth talk?can somebody explain it to me?Thanks a lot.


hi,thanks for your answer,and if it is sexual,does this phrase mean sweet talk before having sex which can make a girl comfortable?

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    There are two different ways to interpret the lyrics in Tori Amos' Song.

    It is either about being there for your women friends because they are going to be there before and after your boyfriends and be there for you in a different place than men but not in a sexual sense exactly


    This song is sexual. "If you want inside her, well, boy you better make her raspberry swirl." In a very physical sense, she seems to be saying that if he wants to get sex from his woman, he'd better make her feel good first, i.e., make her raspberry swirl, i.e., have some oral sex.

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