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Owners that have had a blocked cat?

This past weekend, my kitty had an urinary blockage. He was released from the vet Saturday night and is on s/d food and baytril antibiotic. I have been monitoring his urine. He was urinating fine, but now I'm not sure. He is passing urine but only in very small amounts. He is acting normal. He's not straining, crying or spending a lot of time in the box. He just goes in the box, passes a small amount of urine and walks away. Am I just over worrying?


I decided it was best to take him back to the vet, so I made an appointment for later today.

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    he'jj be fine, he probably is becoming dehydrated due to the antibiotics he is being given.

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    Any infection in urinary blockages is not all that common. Vets still give antibiotics and there is nothing wrong with that I guess. It's not liable to have much effect on the problem.

    Dietary changes are the proper treatment. They add methionine to the s/d food (which is a poor quality food) to acidify the urine and prevent the crystals.

    Cats that eat meat don't get crystals in their urine (or have hairballs). That's what they are meant to eat, the grains in dry food make the urine alkaline and cause the problem.

    Source(s): Dr. Jean Hovfe's articles in her article library titled "Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats", "What Cats Should Eat", "Why Cats Need Canned Food", etc.
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    This happened to my 3 year old male and by the time they did the catheter (sp?), it was too late, the blockage had gone to the point of needing surgery [removing his entire genitalia]. Please don't let it get to this point! Our Fuzz was in antibiotics for about a week before it became entirely blocked and stopped peeing altogether. At first, he was urinating very small quantities, his litter would have a very strong odor and he would drink more water than usual. By the end of the week after antibiotics, he started peeing blood, crying and howling.

    I don't want to scare you, but glad you made another appointment. We had to put down our Fuzz and it was by far one of the worst experiences I've endured because we simply couldn't afford the 2k+ surgery. I hope your cat is insured, when it has progressed this fast, the bills can add up really fast. I just finished paying off for his cremation and his vet bills, and this happened last August. Good Luck.

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    Not every antibiotic works for every cat (or human). He might need something different or something stronger. You will know when your cat is better, and you really should follow your instincts. Take him back to the vet and look at some other options for a cure.

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    doesn't sound like the antibiotics are strong the vet and ask them..maybe they can give you something else without having to pay for another office visit...if it doesn't sound probably isn't

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    I had a cat that died of that. you need to get him to the vet so he can get a catheter put in. If he doesn't pee then he will get kidney damage.

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    maybe you should ask the vet...

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