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How do i download avast antivirus for free?

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    just go to avast and down load the free version --always go to the maker of the program it is the safest site to use or majorgeeks is another safe site

    look in the info box on the right for ----top freware picks and pick what u need----good luck and happy surfing

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    Source(s): Antivirus That Works 100% :
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    AVG Antivirus, Avast Home Edition, Avira AntiVir, A-squared and ThreatFire are the top five free antivirus product.You can download these product from

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    Always go to a program's home site for downloads. Some of the other common download sites have old versions rather than the most up to date versions


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    go to and download home editon of avast install it and then right click on the icon on the lower right click on start antivirus and click on registration and the serial for its professional version and 2059 days are ..all are working tested by me














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    Dude avast is a trail ware........

    Go here..AVG Freeware..its one of the best freeware anti virus and has been awarded several times for it....if u dont believe this, go to the link....!!

    PS:- The other links are all trial ware..........this one is a PURE FREEWARE.............!!

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    go to scroll to program click download when program ask if you want run or save click save program will ask where with a drop down tray pic where i use my documents this will allow you to reinstall later if you have a computer promlem / click run will install

  • you can download it by it's own website or from

    search for the product at:


    both will lead you to what you want to download

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