When do you need to inform past/present supervisors that you are giving out their contact info?

I am at the end of my undergraduate studies, and am applying for various internships/jobs. I was a little confused about some etiquette. I understand that it is only courteous to inform someone if you list them as a reference when applying for a job. How about when you list past/current supervisors under employment history? And especially if you give permission for your present supervisor to be contacted on your new job application? Do you need to tell everybody that they may be contacted, or ask them for permission to be listed on your application? Thanks in advance.

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    For me, a reference and listing someone under employment history are two different things. You would definitely want to ask a reference if you can use them as a reference (well enough in advance that they can think about it and be prepared if the employer calls).

    I don't think you need to inform past supervisors that they may be called, but it would be a common courtesy, especially for the most recent past supervisors.

    It also depends on how the employment application is worded. Does it ask for employment history or references?

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