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Lik Hung asked in 環境其他 - 環境 · 1 decade ago

沙洲 and龍鼓洲

沙洲 and龍鼓洲 所面對的問題or威脅和保肓方法

請加以分釋 要列點




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    沙洲 and龍鼓洲 are the areas rich of marine resources. In AFCD reserach there are high fishery bio-diversity

    Common fish species

    鐝 魚 ( Johnius belengerii ) 、 沙 鑽 ( Sillago japonica ) 、 坑 鰜 ( Plotosus lineatus ) 、 青 鱸 ( Argyrosomus japonicus ) 、 黃 腳 煗 ( Acanthopagrus latus ) 、 門 鱔 ( Muraenesox cinereus ) 、 牛 鰍 ( Platycephalus indicus ) 、 油 力 魚 ( Leiognathus brevirostris ) 、 雞 泡 魚 ( Takifugu oblongus ) 及 丁 公 ( Terapon jarbua ) 等 。

    In addition, the sea area of these areas is a major habitate of Chinese White Dioplin.

    The threat and pollution of these areas include

    1) marine traffic

    These areas are the major marine traffic channel in HK. The high traffic load endanger the life of chinese white dioplin due to the damge of dioplin by ship movement.

    2) Infrastructure development

    large number of infrastructure will be roll out in the coming years in these area. This will deteroriate the water quality of these areas and cause impact on the fishes in these area

    3) pollutants come from preal river

    as the developement in peral river area, more and more pollutants came from china and the pollutant will reach 沙洲 and龍鼓洲. This is increase the chance of red tide and cause the fishes die. Besides, the pollutants from china will also pollute the fishes in these area

    Conservation ways

    HK government have set up a marine park in these water area and hope to portect the nature resource and this is a way to protect it

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